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Much Better

318841749_a3e8e7df54_bWell, I ran another half-marathon today! It went much better than the last one. Emotionally? I never felt upset or defeated or embarassed because I was passed by so many people. Since there were tons of walkers, I actually felt proud because I was doing the passing, dammit! I’m totally faster than walkers! EAT MY DUST, WALKERS!

My brother was going to run the marathon relay – but his team fell apart late last night. He ended up deciding to run the half with me. My brother is very fit but hadn’t really trained for the half-marathon. He was running with friends and actually did the walk/run variation where I would get ahead of them when they walked, they would catch up at the run so we all crossed the finish together. It was totally awesome.

The only sucky thing? Nasty blisters at mile 5 that hurt so bad I was almost in tears. Last weekend? I ran 10 miles and got no blisters. I did the EXACT same thing with my feet (socks, lube, shoes) this time, but had to run on blisters for 8 miles. It was rough. I might upload pictures later because they’re totally gross and awesome.

The scenery was gorgeous…the people were friendly. I even saw the same trio of “watchers” cheering us on in SIX different places. I told them they were the best spectators there because they kept moving. It was awesome.

Now? Time for a nap.

22 thoughts on “Much Better”

  1. Zoot you absolutely ROCK. This really is very inspiring…..I might be actually tempted to put away the bowl of chips and get my butt off the couch….maybe…..

    Anyway, good for you….this is really great stuff. You must be very proud!

  2. Congrats! What an accomplishment! And to have to run with blisters since Mile 5 is even more impressive! I’ve done that too & it’s absolutely NO fun!

  3. Congratulations! Aside from the blisters, it sounds like it went wonderfully. I’m still so incredibly impressed about what a great runner you’ve become. Also jealous, because I suck at running, yet really want to be a good runner.

  4. You are in Alabama, so it’s warmer there, for longer than it is here in Maryland… How do you train when it’s cold?

  5. I can’t believe your badass running self! I’m completely impressed, as I’ve never run more than a 5K. Congratulations!!

    And I would like to see the blister pictures. I think.

  6. Rockin’ Zoot!!!

    Totally awesome. I’m making plans to come cheer for you in New Orleans (if the planets line up I just might make it)

  7. Congrats! You are an inspiration…I’ve actually started the treadmill because of you.

    Oh…and tie those shoes! Running with untied laces just can’t be safe! 😉

  8. Good for you! Congratulations! I’ve never been a runner but your commitment and spirit are inspiring for exercise in general!

  9. Oh, and I got spoiled during your “100 posts in a month” phase. I’m constantly checking back for updates and they just aren’t there as often now!

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