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I’m officially old. Again.

We had a choir performance to go to last night starring the one, the only, LilZ! Well…starring him and a couple hundred other kids….but you get my point. He was the only one we cared about.

They were tricky, those organizers. They squeezed in PTA business right before the performances because they knew the majority of us wouldn’t come to a PTA meeting. The woman in charge was all, “Not only are we watching your children perform tonight, but this is also our monthly meeting so…” And you could actually feel the moans in the audience. Sometimes adults are worse than kids when it comes to getting cranky being places they don’t want to be. I may have actually turned to MrZ and said, “But I don’t wanna hear about the PTA budget!” And he offered me cookies if I would just sit there and be quiet until it was over.

We had to get LilZ to the performance early, so I got to spend a good 30 minutes watching the Junior High population before we had to settle in for the show. I was amazed by how grown-up these kids looked. Of course, they were wearing faux-tuxedo type ensembles (boys) and sleeveless black satin dresses (girls) – but still. I felt like I was at a high school function, not middle school. There were several girls there who could have passed for 16 easy. They had perfectly pedicured feet with slinky high heals and make-up applied in a manner I’ve never mastered – Even at age 31.

Of course, as grown-up as they all looked – the behavior of Junior High kids has not changed since I was hanging pictures of Corey Haim on my bedroom walls. The girls were annoyingly giggly and spent more time primping in the bathroom than I think is legally allowed in some states. While the boys (especially the 7th and 8th graders) were waaay too cool to be singing in a choir performance and spent the night making sure everyone knew it.

It was fun. I actually thought the 6th-graders did the best, and I’m not just saying that because that’s the group LilZ was in. NikkiZ spent his entire performance dancing in the aisles and when the audience clapped after each song, she looked around obviously thinking, For me? Really? For that little dance number I just did? Why – Thank You!. After the performance was over LilZ carried her around because he really wanted to show her off to his friends. That right there was enough to make up for having to sit through fundraiser announcements.

5 thoughts on “I’m officially old. Again.”

  1. New photos? Your kids are so beautiful, so I stop by to admire them.

    Corey Haim. Your giving me flash backs.

  2. hey zoot..i have been a fan of ur designs and ur site ever since i got a template from u for my blog..i read ur posts regularly.and think ur kids are the cutest..!!! and dont worry…ur not old…u certainly dont look it..!!

  3. Zoot! I cannot read your TV Addict blog, the framing gets all wacky in my Safari. Am I doing something wrong? I want to read about he Amazing Race!

  4. Corey Haim (*screams*)– I looooved him! Wow, now I ,too, feel old! LilZ sounds like such an awesome big brother. How fun!

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