A Stop In Tide Country

We stopped in Tuscaloosa, AL on the way to Slidell this week. Bryant-Denny stadium has been renovated and my Crimson Tide Fan husband wanted to check it out. We also thought it would be a nice place to take some pictures with our fancy new camera. Since the campus was dead for the holidays, we were able to enjoy some solitude to take pictures. It was nice, even though as a general rule the Crimson Tide sucks donkey balls.

NikkiZ has this quirk that makes her fascinated with bags. She plays with purses and bags all the time, trying to drag them around with her. While we were taking pictures of the new courtyard, she kept going to try to bring the bags with us. It was almost like she was afraid we would leave them behind. She’s been talking to my Dad and hearing stories of my forgetfullness, obviously.

At one time she had my purse in one hand and my camera bag in the other. Since they are both bigger than she is, it was quite a site to see her dragging them around. I picked her up to spin her around, thinking she would just drop the bags. Obviously, from the picture above, she held fast to our prized possessions even as I was twirling her around. It was hilarious. She’s more responsible than I am at 31.

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  1. What a sweet photo!

    You’ve got some fabulous hair, woman! My limp straight locks are envious.

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