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This is why I have no friends.

I went to Fleet Feet on Saturday to buy shoes. This is the same store the “Diva Night” was in where there were several women who I creeped out with my friend-making techniques. I walked in on Saturday and one of the employees was immediately, “You went to Diva Night!” and I was all, “Um…yeah.” Did she remember me because I was shadowing all of the other women and giving off stalker vibes? Probably.

Contrary to that night, however, I got to talking to a few of the women working in the store and it was so easy! And comfortable! I didn’t feel awkward or anything. As a matter of fact, one of the girls who works there went to college where I did. Hell, she even knew some of the same people I did! I was making friends!

AND THEN…(this is where it gets weird)…a couple walked into the store. The guy was wearing the race-day shirt that I was wearing. It was from that morning at a race that was held 80 miles away, yet here he was in Huntsville at the same shoe store I was. AND THEN…I realized he and his wife were the runners I paced myself with the entire race! So, we got to talking and they live in Boaz and help host a 10K there they were encouraging me to go run. I was a friend-making maniac. I WAS UNSTOPPABLE!

Of course, I left the store asking ZERO of those people their names. I also didn’t find out when the race in Boaz is, nor did I find out anything else about that girl who I share mutual friends with. So, my friend-making skills are kinda like Cinderella’s coach…they only last a short while before they become useless.

But – it’s a step. Now if I see these people again I can be all casual and, “I didn’t get your name last time…” And if I practice every day, maybe it won’t sound too creepy and stalker-like.

7 thoughts on “This is why I have no friends.”

  1. I can go for years (YEARS) being casual friends with folks and not ever get their names right. I hope they are the same way about me.

    You done good! Pacer Guy and his Better Half. They could make t-shirts (but next time they may be pacing off of YOU, you rock star you)

  2. Good for you. Did you give them your name? If you didn’t, you can say something along the lines of “I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself the last time we met.” That way you put yourself forward first and may not have to ask for their name outright.

  3. Pacer guy and his wife showed up? That is soooooooooo weird!!!

    I’m just like you … it’s hard for me to make friends … I usually chat with anyone I come in contact with but usually end up walking away afterwards and not actually introducing myself.


  4. Don’t beat yourself up. Making friends is scary..when you are trying to make them and get all stalker like, which I totally do too.

    We have a fleet feet here. I’m gonna go back and see if your mad skillz work for me.

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