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You All Rock My Socks

Okay – I just read all of the comments on my last entry and I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Someone like me – a runner who isn’t going to break any speed records, and might possibly have the ugliest run style around, and sometimes leaves ass-sweat behind on chairs at Starbucks – needs the motivation from friends and family to keep going sometimes. And today, while waking up feeling so. damn. sore, I am totally going off my “You Go, Girl!” comments from you guys and from my friends and family to keep me from curling up in the fetal position and crying all day.

And last night? If you don’t have me, Scott, Pam, and Jon on your gmail contact list, then having any one of us would have been confusing as we kept changing our custom gmail availability messages to communicate with each other.

(Yes, we could have used the chat function, but that wouldn’t have been near as fun.)

Some of the availability messages you would have seen if you only had one of us on your list (These are not quoted perfectly as gmail doesn’t save those for me to see, dammit):

“Take an ice bath, Zoot”
“I don’t wanna!”
“Jon’s crazy, take drugs and wine”
“Pam is a drunk druggie”
“I (heart) drunk druggies”
“What the hell is Gu?”
“You didn’t use gu?”
“I heart the internet”
“I heart beer”

But seriously: If I make it across the finish line at the Mardi Gras Marathon in February – I will owe all of you Krispy Kreme donuts as a “thanks” – but I’ll probably eat them before they ever make it to your hands. I’m apologizing in advance for that.

12 thoughts on “You All Rock My Socks”

  1. 1. Congratulations – you are awesome!

    2. Giving advance permission for you to eat and enjoy *my* KrispyKreme in February.

    3. Rest, recover and then get back at it!

  2. You Rock! Woohoo, you did it. I’m very proud of you, and now feel soooo damn guilty for laxy me sleeping in till 2 p.m. 🙁

  3. Go Zoot!

    And you know, handing people empty KK boxes is perfectly acceptable. As long as they come from you, we’ll understand 😉

  4. I could never do it, but MAN, I am so proud of you! Congratulations, Zoot. Maybe someday I’ll be skinny and fit like you!

  5. I am so very proud. You did great. What an example to your kids!!

    You should totally invent some sort of blister sock -anesthesia, liquid band-aid, all in one.

  6. I have never commented at your site, but your running journey has been quite inspiring and has gotten me back out there (i’m a runner who has finished a marathon — though to this day I have no idea how). I also saw this t-shirt being advertised over at mightygirl and thought it might be the perfect marathon training t-shirt.

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