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He’s no baby anymore

We went to see The Santa Clause 3 today and I learned a very important and equally depressing lesson: My son is no longer a kid.

MrZ had suggested movies like Saw 3 and Grudge 2 but I snottily reminded him that this was a movie for LilZ and I, not for him and that we were going to see The Santa Clause movie because LilZ and I both loved the other two so surely the third, with Martin Short added to the mix would be equally awesome. Of course, I noticed some hesitation on LilZ’s part, but I opted to ignore it and continue with the plan.

About 30 minutes into the movie, I realized that LilZ was incredibly bored and possibly contemplating escape. For the first time, possibly ever, we left a movie before it was over. Now, I was enjoying it because I’m a sucker for really lame Tim Allen Christmas movies…but LilZ was suffering a breakdown of boredom and I didn’t want to waste time we could be enjoying doing other things. So, we went shopping and had a great afternoon.

sigh – NikkiZ better hurry and grow up or I’m going to have to go see that Matthew Broderick Christmas movie by myself.

7 thoughts on “He’s no baby anymore”

  1. i want to see that matthew broderick/danny de vito christmas movie too. it looks pretty funny. i would go with you but i think the drive would take awhile and i don’t think the husband would agree with watching the triplets by himself.

  2. I saw SC3 last weekend with my little (ack, not anymore, turned seven today!) guy and it was very cute. He’s already too big, I can’t imagine him getting any older.

    And I TOTALLY want to see the new Matthew Broderick movie. Looks hysterical. 😀

  3. Tonight I was totally excited because my 4 -year-old wanted to watch the world premiere of the Sponge Bob Movie. But that new Matthew Broderick flick sounds good! 😉

  4. I would totally go to both of those movies with you, but, yeah, I’m a stranger and I live at least a thousand miles away. But no one will go with me to those movies either, and I am a huge sucker for Christmas movies.

  5. Tell you what, one of these weekends I’ll hop in the car and head on up to where you live, and we’ll go see the Matthew Broderick movie together, ok? Because if there’s one thing that I miss more than anything, it’s going to the movies. Since we moved to Atlanta, and no longer have a steady babysitter, I’ve only seen two movies since February.

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