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Watch me as I chicken out

I just went to go register for my half-marathon on Saturday. They had some bad news for me: It’s supposed to be rainy and cold so I should, “Dress accordingly.” I’ve never run in the rain, what does “dress accordingly” mean? I’m thinking it means “stay at home at eat donuts” but I don’t speak fluent runner yet.

I’ve called a few people to let them off the hook for cheering for me along the course. I’d feel really guilty if they got sick just so I could run 13.1 miles. I’d feel even worse if I didn’t finish. This way, if I wuss out half-way through (the rain! the cold!) I don’t have to worry about anyone waiting for me along the course.

Also – when I registered? They gave me my t-shirt. As in, I already have my shirt for the half-marathon and I haven’t run it yet. You know what that means, don’t you? That I’m staying home in the warm house and eating donuts while wearing my half-marathon shirt. That’s what it means.

Okay, no it doesn’t. But you know the thought has crossed my mind, right?

17 thoughts on “Watch me as I chicken out”

  1. i think dress accordingly means wear two hats and earmuffs on top of that.

    thermal undie-shirt. a rain coat if it’s super rainy.

    and a walkie talkie to signal for the getaway car.

  2. Watch, it’ll be a pretty day and you’ll do awesome.

    Or, you’ll do awesome no matter what the weather.

    You didn’t run all that time just to eat donuts, did you? (don’t answer that)

  3. I ran a 5k here in Portland a couple years ago and it rained (the only reason I ran it was because the prize was your weight in beer).

    Anyway, I wore adidas warm up pants, with leggings (shut up) underneath them. Then, my race t-shirt (long sleeved) with another long sleeved shirt underneath. Also, those earmuffs that you can put your headphones in.

  4. I actually like racing in “rainy and cold” although cold is such a relative term. Here, that means negative and snow, but I suspect that for you, it’s more like 40’s.

    You’ll get hot, no matter what, running for 2+ hours, so definitely layers. You don’t want to start out cold as it’ll make your muscles tight and you’ll feel miserable. I would say either shorts or running tights (depending on how you react to cold- I would rather have slightly cold legs in the beginning than hot ones later on) and several shirts. It’s a hassle to take them off and tie them around your waist, but better to have the option. I usually go with a tank plus long-sleeve T or even a light fleece for long, cold runs.

    And no matter what, you’ll do awesomely. Even if you have to bail, you’ve come so far! I’m so excited for you and I wish I could be there (your rainy and cold will be way better than my freezing and snowy)!

  5. You will be fine.. the cold weather will help you out in the long run, otherwise you would roast! I just finished my first 1/2 marathon & it was in the low 40’s. Wear a hat and gloves – you will probably also want some layered shirts. Cold legs will warm up quickly…Good luck!

  6. Oh my gosh – I just saw your “About Us” and I am feeling a cosmic connection.. I am also from TN, but one of my loves is the french fry & frosty combo. Most people look away when they see this, but I am happy to have found someone who appreciates this delicacy!!

  7. running in the rain rocks. remember how much we wanted to play in the rain as kids?

    just remember to wear lots of shiny stuff. you know, nothing cotton. and definitely not white or you’ll have a cheering section for a whole new reason.

  8. If I can do it you can, just dress in layers and make sure you use lotion! Maybe even take some lotion with you! For me, i used a knit hat, gloves, two dry-fit shirts, and regular shorts. You can do it!!! the rain is nothing!!!

  9. I just want to let you know that every time I see Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I run by them rather than walk- all in your honor. And in the honor of my waistline. (What do you mean, WHAT waistline?!) teehee. Anyways, Good luck! I’m sure you will be awesome. 🙂

  10. I ran a half marathon back when I was young (like ten years ago now, OH MAH GAH) and I thought the same thing. Those bastahds! They give you the shirt first?

    I so wanted to wear my shirt on the sidelines and drink my frappacino.

    Best of luck! You don’t need it, though. you’ll be great.

  11. You might enjoy the rain.
    Keep in mind that chaffing happens quicker on wet skin.
    Use whatever lube you love (I use chamois but I have also used diaper cream which ever one has zinc in it is the secret) EVERYWHERE, all along your bra line, don’t forget that one…Im sure I’ve shared my chaffing photos with you from a LONG training run in the rain.
    Just make sure you wear dri-fit clothes (or whatever your brand calls it) it ReALLY helps, it won’t get heavy like cotton after 30 minutes in the rain.
    ok…shutting up.
    You’ll be extra great. You’re a natural. And I won’t pretend I don’t hate you just a little bit for that.

  12. Oh, I wish I was closer. I would love to stand out in the rain to watch you run. We went out on the rainiest day of the year (with Alliclaus – don’t tell anyone) to watch one of my friends in her first triathlon. It was awesome! There are less crowds that way!

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