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You’ve come a long way, baby.

I was trying to think back to see how far I’ve come in this whole world of “running” since I started wanting to run a 5K. I found this entry in my archives where I mention going 2.25 miles and running about a third of that. Meaning I wasn’t even able to walk/run a 5K when I first started. I was able to run less than half-of-a-mile and walk less than three. DAMN, I’m in such better shape now.

I mentioned in that entry wanting to run the Big Spring Jam 5k. Just a few days after I read Pamie’s account of her marathon and started thinking, Hmm…Pamie makes it sound like I might be able to run a marathon…. I think that was the day I consider starting my marathon training. Once you start thinking you could do it? You start trying.

I figure that I’ve run over 40 miles since that point. I’ve not been as diligent to the program as I should be. I’ve been doing a combination of the half-marathon and full marathon because I wasn’t really sure what I was training for and didn’t really think I’d make it past the five mile mark. Hell, I still haven’t gotten brave enough to register for any of the races I want to run. I ran 10 miles last Sunday and am still doubting if I can run a half-marathon on the 11th.

So, I’m going to lay it out here: And you all have to hold me accountable. And if you live near any of these events, I’ll pay you a dollar to come cheer me on.

November 11thHuntsville Half-Marathon EEK! This is the race I’m scared to register for because my current long-distance pace has me finishing in almost 3 hours, which would put me 2nd-from-last compared to last years times.
November 18thDam Bridge 10K I’m actually not too worried about that one, which makes me smile because who would have thought I’d get to the point where a 10K was considered “easy”.
November 23rdTurkey Day 5 mile in New Orleans. I’m not too worried about that one either. Look at me all cocky and shit.
December 10thTucson Half-Marathon. I’m really excited (and terrified) about this one because they encourage walkers so I’m fairly certain I won’t come in last!
February 25thMardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans. HOLY SHIT I SAID THAT OUT LOUD.

So – there it is: Countdown to Marathon. Damn.

21 thoughts on “You’ve come a long way, baby.”

  1. I wish I could be there to actually cheer you on – sadly those places are a long way from BC.

    I know you will rock them all though! You are a total inspiration. 🙂

  2. Mardi Gras is a bad idea, you will add atleast 3 miles when you count all the hangover swerving…. not to mention how much energy it will take to get up when you fall.

  3. There’s this whole “Today runs a marathon” segment on the today show, and this gal who (much like you) had decided she was going to train for a marathon said, “It’s not about how fast I am, I just want to finish it.” And I think that’s what you need to focus on… the fact that you could FINISH a MARATHON, that’s what’s impressive. Not how fast you do it.

    You go, girl.

  4. Go Zoot Go! I will try to be standing on the side lines in Tucson for you!

  5. That’s amazing! I’m so proud of you (listen to me being all proud, and I don’t even know you). It’s really an achievement. I’ve been wanting to run a 5K for years, but have never had the guts to start working toward that (I’m a horrible runner), but you may be just the inspiration I need. Good luck!

  6. Good luck! You are very inspiring – I don’t think I’d be able to get as far as you have. And I’m totally going to hold you accountable.

  7. Miss Zoot, I think it is truly inspiring that you have come this far. And if you can do it, it has made me believe I can, too! Keep in mind I can only run about 1 mile, tops, before feeling like I am going to run out of air and die, but I do like the fact that I feel like I am doing something healthy. And that makes me excited. So I am totally going to try doing this, and while I have no awesome calendar like you, who knows?? I might even go to the tuscon marathon, since it’s kinda sorta close to me. Great Job!! thanks for the motivation.

  8. A friend of mine ran the marathon in New Orleans two years ago, and I went to cheer her on. That marathon is sooo much fun. It’s totally New Orleans. You’ve gotta do it. And post the pix.

  9. Wow! You’re coming to Arizona huh? If I could I’d go down to Tucson and cheer you on, but I doubt that will happen, so I’ll just have to do it from 120 miles away…lol!

  10. My running friend uses this man’s ( training programs and recommends it. Me? I recommend not running unless someone is chasing you with a knife.

  11. I will so be there cheering you on for the Mardi Gras marathon (which actually 5 days after mardi gras for those of you wondering just how crazy we are down here). I have started running too (up to 3 miles now) and you’ve given me hope that maybe one day I can make it that far too. I was planning to run the Turkey Day race, but I had a Lap last week and my dr says I have to wait 6 WEEKS!!! before running again. I think it scares me a bit how much that fact upsets me..wah, I want to run!!

  12. I don’t like to run, never have. But I do want to wish you all the best! Hey, you should enter the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth! I forget when it is, though.

  13. If you can run 10 miles, you can run a half marathon. The adrenaline from race day is more than enough to get you through those last three miles.

    I ran my first half marathon almost three years ago in 2:43, and the longest run I had “practiced” with was six miles.

    If you are actually training, and it sounds like you are, you’ll be golden. No sweat.

  14. By some random act of God I came upon your blog tonight. I’ve been having the same conversation in my head about a sprint triathlon. I have 2 picked out but I’m afraid to tell anyone for fear of accountability. You’ve inspired me to blog about it and get some people to hold me to it!

    I’ve done a half marathon and had only run 9 miles prior to the actual race. If you just ran ten you will do fine…the other 3.5 will come from the sheer rush of it. Good luck!

  15. whatevah! miss Smartypants, all I’m running a marathon, don’t expect me to fly down there and cheer you on….my arms get tired easy.

    Seriously though. Damn.

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