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Do you think 5 miles on a treadmill would get boring?

I went on my first mid-week run outside tonight. I always do my long runs outside, but I usually do my mid-week runs (3-4 miles) on the treadmill at the Y. Since my mid-week runs are getting longer, I decided to brave the outdoors tonight for my four-mile run.


Things I don’t like about running outside:

1. Muddy sidewalks after rain make me fall on my ass and get my running shoes dirty. I actually care more about the dirty shoes than the falling on my ass. I like my shoes, my ass is not that great.

2. It get’s dark damn early and I’m scared of the dark. Everytime I pass wooded patch I fear the boogeyman jumping out and getting me.

3. There are a lot more cars on the road on a weeknight than on Sunday mornings. I don’t trust the people driving those cars not to run me over.

4. Barking dogs behind wussy fences scare the shit out of me. I have visions of them tearing down the fence and tackling me in 1.2 seconds. And we all know I’m slow and could never outrun a dog.

5. There’s no TV outside! I like watching TV while I run…it passes the time much better. Why can’t the city install televisions broadcasting my favorite shows on every lightpost? Man. That would be AWESOME.

Note from 2020: I remember this so clearly and it’s so funny because I got so used to running outside eventually!

7 thoughts on “Do you think 5 miles on a treadmill would get boring?”

  1. I just have to tell you that after reading your stories about running..I too have decided to start running.

    It’s going to be a long process I think. I’ve ran twice this week already and I can barely move, which says a lot considering I’ve been working out for almost a year anyways.

    So thanks! For inspiring me and probably others to hit the pavement.

  2. I am starting up the treadmill with the Oprah, “you don’t have to be fat.” I just wanted to leave a note from the NabloPoMo……I am starting at the bottom of the list … you are the first! Good luck
    Jippy Jabber.

  3. When I lived in Chicago I did the marathon there. I was training with CARA (Chicago Area Runners Assoc), but I missed one of the weekend long runs b/c I was out of town. So I had to make it up on Monday on my own. It was 14 miles and there was no way I’d be able to manage 14 miles through the streets of Chicago alone after work so I went to the gym at 5am before work and ran FOURTEEN miles on the treadmill! OMG, it was crazy. Of course there was a 30 min. timer on the machines and I had to keep resetting it, but dammit I did it. Talk about boring. At least there were tvs, although I think they were tuned into crap.
    Way to go you by the way! I love reading your running stories. I’ll be running a half marathon in Feb. and then probably Chicago for the second time next Fall, should be fun since it’s the 30 year anniversary!

  4. Everything you said about running outside and especially at night, is so true. It’s scary enough out now with all these weirdos running around. Besides that, the sidewalks are like crap most of the time. You could really fall and hurt yourself. I think the treadmill inside is a much safer alternative…

  5. I need television when I run, too. Listening to music just isn’t enough distraction for me, and I get bored with my own thoughts after about 15 minutes and just start thinking “Can I stop now?”.

    I’m like Heather… you’ve also inspired me to get back out there running on a somewhat regular basis (it’s only been a week, hence the “somewhat” — too early to tell if it’ll stick). I say I’m going to start running again all the time, but hearing how you have gone from just a mile or so to TEN FREAKIN’ MILES in such a short time amazed me. So this week, I started going back to the gym. Thanks!

  6. Running on a treadmill is way easier than running outdoors. If you just want to run for exercise you can’t beat a treadmill… but if you’re training for a marathon or another outdoor race, then it’s best to do a good portion of your training outside… otherwise you won’t really be ready for it!

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