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Double Digits

Holy Crap. HOLY CRAP. You are not going to believe how far I ran today. I ran 10 freakin’ miles. I spent at least half of a mile debating whether or not running 10 miles was enough to warrant the use of the real f-word instead of “freakin'” – but I decided it wasn’t.

10 freakin’ miles.

The couple times I’ve uttered the phrase, “I ran 10 miles,” since this morning, I have actually felt a surge of tears coming on. I think the pride I feel for myself is so strong that just vocalizing such an accomplishment, one I would have never dreamed possible, makes me want to cry. I mean, TEN FREAKIN MILES.

It took me 2 hours and 5 minutes, but I would like to blame those extra 5 minutes on having to run in place at various intersections. I started doing my long runs on Sundays because there are fewer cars out, but by 9am (I left at 7am) the church traffic was getting pretty heavy – so I spent a few minutes waiting for the traffic to clear.

(Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I have no problem with the waiting.)

I chose Starbucks as my destination and celebrated with a small pumpkin spice latte (skinny, no whip) AND a pumpkin spice doughnut. They were both fantastic.

Now – all of that said? OH MY GOD I AM SO DAMN SORE. I am not usually too sore after my long runs since I run so slow, but I guess 10 miles crosses me over into the No Matter How Slow You Go – You’ll Still Hurt Like Hell territory.

I ran for ten miles. I ran for two hours. Man – those words sound awesome.


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  1. you are officially out of my league. you are one of THOSE runners. GO YOU! and I totally think ten miles dictates honest use of FUCK.

  2. You are so inspiring! I’ve been mulling over the idea of running a half marathon for a few months now (race is in April…I guess if I’m going to do it I better stop mulling and start training!) I’ve just been veeery hesitant, as I am not what one would call athletic. But to read the progress you’ve made, like you just woke up one day and thought “Hey! I think I’ll start running!” It makes me realize that maybe this half marathon business is actually attainable! Thank you so much for sharing your excitement over reaching ten miles. Maybe come spring I’ll be writing a post about the half marathon I just ran. =)

  3. OK- now you really have me thinking I have to start my running again- you are evil, I tell you, evil…
    Oh, and congrats on the 10-miler! I would always soak my legs in the swimming pool when I got home after a long run… and drink a LOT of water!

  4. I am a runner as well, but have had a several joint issues since having baby #2. I was on the verge of giving up. But you have really motivated me. Tomorrow is my birthday and I was thinking that I would get up and run 10 miles. I was on the fence, but after reading this I think I really will do it. Congratulations. You are amazing!

  5. WOW! *high fives* I haven’t been in here in so long… I didn’t know you were running! And ten miles?!! I think that deserves the F word! *grin* That is AMAAAAAZING! I am up to running 3.5 and it takes me 47 mins I am so damn slow.. You are an INSPIRATION!

    Yay you!!!! YOU GO GIRL!

    For soreness… I highly recommend ARNICA gel. You can get it in health food stores and it really really helps my hips and butt feel better from soreness.

  6. Awesome!!! I am way jealous of you! I use to be a hard-core runner and then I grew up and started getting involved in so many other things with school that I had to give running up. I started again this summer and then I got engaged and once again I gave it up.
    My fiance and I are starting again tomorrow, and I’m totally using you as inspiration and motivation!

  7. Some days I don’t even DRIVE 10 miles. Way to go! From what my marathon friends say, it’s much harder to do the first ten miles than it is to do the last 16, so you are doing GREAT!

  8. Wow, consider me officially freakin’ impressed. Perhaps I should hold Starbucks over my head in order to make myself do super-human feats like that. It may just work, especially if there are pumpkin cake doughnuts involved.

  9. You are awesome!! Keep up the great work! only 3.1 more miles until 1/2 marathon distance – doesn’t seem like that much anymore after doing 10!

  10. Isn’t it incredible? I’m so thrilled that you’re doing so well. Definitely brag about all those miles at work tomorrow!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Training for my first marathon was so much fun because with every long run I could say HOLT SHIT I RAN # MILES FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. such a great feeling! Keep it up girl!

  12. Way to go Zoot. It seems like you’ve come a long way in a short amount of time. How the heck to you do it? I want to run 1 mile without dying.

  13. I’ll say it – that’s fuckin’ awesome!

    Do you wear a ‘powered by Krispy Kreme’ shirt, just to annoy the other runners?

    You GO girl. Oh wait, you already are.

    You go LONG, girl…

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