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A gift

A year ago today I had my abdomen sliced open and a baby torn out of it. Not quite the way we had planned it – but the product was what mattered. A healthy baby girl who would make the following year simply amazing. I am not a very good writer and I’ve read so many first year tributes that were amazing, that I’m scared to even try. But – I do have a perspective that is a little different than some. A perspective of an 11-year-old boy who’s dream came true a year ago today.

LilZ had been asking for a sibling since about the time MrZ and I met. Maybe not quite that soon…but he was sick of being an “only child” the first time someone asked for the kids with no brothers and sisters to raise their hands – and it was only him. I have learned in the last year how destined he was to be a big brother. He has amazed me in every way. I feel like I gave both kids a gift a year ago today: a give of another person who will love them unconditionally their whole life. Knowing that they will have, as an adult, what I have with my brother – or what MrZ has with his siblings – makes me feel secure about their future. No matter how tough the road gets – not only will their parents be there – but they’ll be there for each other.

So – instead of writing the tribute myself – I asked LilZ to write about the day NikkiZ was born – this is word for word what he gave me.


I remember the day Nikkiz was born like it was yeasterday. I was in Social Studies on October the 26, 2005 when the intercom came on asking for me for check out. I jumped up like I had just won a million dollars and ran to the office to find my Mimi sitting in the office chair, smiling.

I had a billion questions like “what color hair does she have and what does she look like and is my mom Ok?” My Grandma said she had red hair and was the cutest thing, ever. And that my mom was fine, but being pumped with morphine.

When we got to the hospital and went to my moms room and I saw Nikkizs little face it was the happiest thing in my entire life. She was so little and cute I had to hold her. She was light, 8 pounds.

When I was getting details from my mom she kept dozing off and picking up right where she left off. It was funny.

When they came home from the hospital it was a couple days before Halloween. Nikkiz was a pumpkin.

That is all I remember about when Niikiz was born, one year ago.

Nikkiz, time has flied and I cant belive you are 1. I love you soooooo much.

From, lilz

Happy birthday, angel. From all of us.

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  1. That is so sweet!!!! LilZ is an amazing boy and you have an amazing family!!!! Happy Birthday NikkiZ!!!!

  2. What a beautiful sentiment. Zoot, you have two amazing, wonderful children. You brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful family picture, too. (And P.S. you ARE a good writer. But I can totally see where you could be intimidated; there are some amazing tribute posts out there)

  3. hey miss zoot..jus got one of ur design templates for my blog..i think ur designs are absolutely amazing..m learnin design ur designs were quite an inspiration..!!! anyway..jus wanted to say thanks..n chec out ur template on my blog if u have time…thanks…n happy b’day to ur lil one πŸ™‚

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  5. Awww…only awake for 15 min and I’m already in tears!

    Well done, LilZ. Born to be a big brother.

    Happy Birthday, NikkiZ!

  6. Not bad, as tributes go! I think we may have another blogger in our midst.

    Happy Birthday! (to all of you)

  7. that was so sweet. both of your posts. I, too am tearing up. πŸ™‚ So sweet and heartfelt.

    Happy Birthday NikkiZ!! You are so lucky, you have the best family!!

  8. LilZ’s letter made me cry….

    Happy Birthday Nikki!! (I wish I knew your real name!) we internets wish you the bestest year ever!!

  9. Oh my, that made me all teary too. You’re one lucky Mama, Miss Zoot – or maybe they’re 2 lucky kids…I think it’s both.

    Happy Birthday, NikkiZ!!

  10. Isn’t that just the sweetest? The tears? They be welling. Happy birthday NikkiZ… you’re a lucky girl for being so loved!

  11. Ok … now that the tears are gone I really did have to LOL @ “my mom she kept dozing off and picking up right where she left off. It was funny.”

  12. I need some Kleenex please. WOW!

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

    8 days from now I will be having my first baby girl.

    If not before πŸ™‚

  13. Ok seriously Zoot, the tears, they won’t stop coming!

    LilZ, you are truly an awesome brother. (I epsecially like the part about your mom dozing off and picking up right where she left off. That ruled.)

    You guys have a beautiful family.

    Happy Birthday, NikkiZ!!! With a family like this, you have a wonderful and happy road ahead of you.

    Zoot, you are seriously an awesome mama.

  14. So sweet, it brought tears to my eyes, LilZ is an awesome big brither. Nikkiz is very lucky!

    Happy 1st Birthday NikkiZ.

  15. What a sweet letter from a wonderful big brother! OK…tearing up at work now. Happy birthday to your baby girl. πŸ™‚

  16. First, LilZ’s letter made me tear up. You have two amazing kids.

    Second, that picture of all of you is terrific!

  17. Happy Birthday, NikkiZ!

    What a lovely tribute from LilZ. I am sure the whole family will be celebrating tonight!

  18. The tears…they just won’t stop…
    That was such a wonderful idea – having him write that! LilZ, you have a way with words.

    Happy Birthday to NikkiZ!

  19. what a beautiful tribute from the eyes of a GREAT big brother.

    I’ve commented before … a LONG while ago…

    I have the best big SISTER around. Today my baby boys are 2….YEAH for Oct. 26th! My daughter was the exact same way with them. Plus she had an extra one to love!

    Happy birthday NikkiZ……Come and check out my video tribute to my babies. I can’t put into words how amazing the last 2 years have been for me, so I resorted to pictures!!

  20. Hey Miss Zoot,
    I loved your son’s tribute to his little sister. I also have a twelve year old son who always wanted a sibling and last year we were blessed with a son! My oldest,Chris is just crazy about his little brother and they have such a special bond as I am sure LilZ and NikkiZ have also. I love reading your blog because I can relate to your situation so much. You are a great blogger!!!

  21. Oh! That made me cry!!!
    MissZoot, you are so lucky to have a son that can express his feelings so openly. And you have a beautiful baby girl.
    Happy Birthday, NikkiZ..
    All the way from California, Best wishes….

  22. I wonder how LilZ feels, now that he’s made the internets cry?!

    So sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Happy birthday, sweetie! You are the cutest little schnookums in the 256, even when you are slowly leaning in to bite me on the nose. I could spend hours just documenting and cooing over your ridiculously cute facial expressions. And LilZ, you are a truly awesome big brother!

  24. Oh my god, that made me cry at work!! What an awesome brother NikkiZ has!!

    Happy Birthday, little one! You are so lucky to be loved by so many people!

  25. You are the cutest family ever. One of my boys would write a nice tribute about his littlest sister. But alas, both boys would like to sell the other sister to gypsies. Big brothers and little sisters….life is a cute sitcom, isn’t it??

  26. I’m glad I am not the only one crying – for Pete’s sake, I don’t even know you people!

    BTW, LilZ is a VERY talented writer (seriously). Most boys his age can barely string a sentence together – his writing is years ahead of his age (keep up the good work, LilZ!).

    Happy Birthday!

  27. They say it’s your birthday… danananana… it’s my birthday, too, yea!

    Seriously. It’s my birthday, too.
    Although I’m not one.

    Congrats to you and yours.

  28. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. On this day 3 years ago I became the Reluctant Grandpa…she was a surprise, and one that 3 years ago I was none to happy about….she and her mother have been living with us and she is now the LIGHT of MY LIFE!
    Though I don’t have a blog I have been writing almost daily about my experience being a first time Grandpa, and since I had no biological children, my first time with infants/toddlers. Hopefully someday someone (the Bug) will want to read it!

    Anyway< Happy Birthday NikkiZ and congrats to the Zoot family!

  29. Lilz, you RULE! That just brought a tear to my eye. Well written!

    Happy Birthday NikkiZ, it sounds like you picked out an awesome family!

  30. I’m such a sap- I don’t even know you and I’m all teary. You guys really are a beautiful family! That is a great picture. Happy Birthday to your little one!

  31. Happy Birthday, NikkiZ! I remember when you came into the world πŸ™‚ What a blessing to have such an awesome older brother. The tribute was beautiful and made me teary as well. I hope today is wonderful!!

  32. HAppy Birthday NikkiZ! I too remember it like it was yesterday. Okay I must say that was one of the sweetest post ever I was actually smiling more than crying . Only a boy who will later become a man would even think to say “She was light, 8 pounds.” Cracked me up:-)

  33. THat is the sweetest thing! πŸ™‚

    I love the part about you falling asleep while telling LilZ the deets… I remember doing that too! Gotta love morphine!

  34. Crying here, like a total idiot. Thanks for sharing LilZ with us — it doesn’t get much better than that.

    GORGEOUS photo, by the way.

  35. Add me to the list of many who had tears running down her face. LilZ is a living, breathing testament to what a fantastic Mother you are. I can only hope that my kids (8 &9) will have the same feelings about the sibling they will received in June.

    Happy Birthday Nikkiz!

  36. oh my that was lovely.
    As if she’s one.
    Holy cow.
    Good for you.
    And LilZ has grown SO much in one year too! holy crap look how young he looks in the baby photo with NikkiZ

  37. I’ve read a lot of tributes to 1 year olds on the internet… LilZ’s is the first that’s made me cry (at work none-the-less)…. πŸ™‚

  38. Happy, happy Birthday to you all!

    We have an eleven year difference between my son (14) and daughter (3). It’s a lovely age spread in so many ways.

    That’s a great photo of you all in white!

  39. I have to say, of all the argument and rhetoric I’ve read out there about how unfair it is to only have one child (and I’m an only myself), this is the best description I’ve read as to why sibs are so great. Good job LilZ.

    And happy, happiest birthday to the tiny Nikki – you’re growing up so fast to be such a smart, pretty little girl….all that’s great, but stop growing so fast. Your mommy and daddy will be ever so pleased.

  40. That was the sweetest birthday tribute ever. LilZ is an amazing young man and big brother. Happy Birthday to your pumpkin baby Nikki!

  41. That is the sweetest thing ever! Happy Birthday NikkiZ.

    My son has been asking for a “stister” ever since he started going to preschool. One day he came up to me and said, “Mommy I want a baby. Can we go to the baby store and get one?”. Awww. Hopefully someday I can give little Eric his sibling he wants so much :D.

  42. That brought tears to my eyes…and laughter at the part of you dozing off and then waking back up and carrying on the conversation. That is so hilarious! Happy Birthday to your little babe!

  43. That was so incredibly awesome I cried. What could be even more amazing than a parents love for their child? Well, maybe an awesome big brother who adores his baby sister. My daughter is an only child, and this post made me feel like we needed to have another child. Right now. That was amazing. Happy Birthday NikkiZ. The family photo is soo beautiful.

  44. Okay, this must be fate that I found you. (from RSM btw)…

    I too, had my stomach sliced open on this day, but not one year ago… NINE YEARS AGO! My firstborn son, Ajers, came via emergency C-section on Oct. 26, like your daughter did.

    I have never read your blog but am convinced we are soulmates since we’ve both had our bellies cut open on the same day!

    Beautiful photo of your family! I will be back to read more. I understand you’re very popular. Me, not so much, but I’m working on it.

    Manic Mommy

  45. That beach shot has always been one of my favorite zoot family photos. So touching what LilZ wrote. You are blessed and it is so amazing to read.

  46. Best. Children. EVER. LilZ, you are a star and brought a (kinda) grown woman to tears. Keep this skill boy!

    Happy Birthday to all y’all. Hugs and love.

    Rock on Zoots.

  47. What a great letter. She will cherish that as an adult.

    Zoot I can’t believe it’s been a year! And a BIG congrats on making it to the one-year mark breastfeeding. That deserves some big kudos.

  48. That was the sweetest thing I ever read. How lucky you are to have those kids. It breaks my heart that I won’t be able to give my son a sibling. I hope he doesn’t feel alone ever. Lil Z is so lucky to have a sister! And your family photo was just beautiful. I hate crying before I go to bed! Now I’ll wake up with puffy eyes!

  49. That totally just made me cry like a baby!
    The relationship between siblings is an AMAZING one.

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