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My second long run

Today was my long run day. I was really feeling anxious about it because my confidence was shot with yesterday’s run. Even though I improved my time by so much, I waaay over-paced my first mile trying to keep up with a friend. So, when the race was over, I felt AWFUL. Usually I feel great after a run, but I pushed myself too hard that first mile so the rest of the race was insanely tough. So, last night I was doubting myself thinking I wouldn’t be able to run today, or that I’d have to walk most of the way.

So, I tried to just do it. Just get out there, run through the stiffness and the anxiety. I ran the whole 7.5 miles with only three very short walking breaks to hydrate and de-layer along the way. I did fine. I think I just find it so hard to believe that I’ve made it so far in my training. I keep thinking back to when I started running and the fifth-of-a-mile stretch to the next street was too far for me to run. I keep thinking, “How is this me? How am I able to run seven miles? Surely this is not possible…” I psych myself out and lose all confidence.

But – I did it. That’s what matters. I guess with each long run I make, my confidence should grow. And I need to learn to brush off the bad days and not let them get me down. I’m doing it. Slowly but surely – I need to keep reminding myself that nothing says I can’t do it – so I need to just keep going.

10 thoughts on “My second long run”

  1. De-lurking to say congrats on your progress! I’ve also recently started running, and it’s inspiring to see how well you are doing as I struggle with my current 2.5 miles a day.

  2. Yeah, it’s so tough not to be tough on yourself sometimes. There is something about running though, that gives you that extra special edge to break through old belief systems about yourself. I think that’s why it is so addictive. Congrats too on a wonderful race! So you pushed a little hard the first mile- no big woop… that’s how you learn about pacing!

  3. You kick ass, and give me hope that a non-athlete like myself might actually be able to pull it together at some point. Congrats!

  4. I’m totally impressed. Seriously. Especially knowing you’re a former couch potato– gives me hope. I hope you’re right proud of yourself.

  5. I just want to say the whole writing you’ve been doing on your running is SO timely and inspiring for me because I’m just starting a running program and I really wonder if I’ll be able to actually do it. 🙂 So thanks.

  6. It’s hard not to get psyched out, isn’t it? I want to work my way up to seven miles. Just running 3.5 miles is still hard for me, but I know I can do that. Now I just have to convince myself I can do more.

  7. Delurking to say congrats! That’s a sizable distance! I am stuck in the beginning of your story, just trying to figure out how to walk and run 2 miles. I could walk forever… but the running…

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