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Wish me luck…

Today is the first Saturday in my “training” program (I use that term loosely because I’m not quite sure what I’m training for). This means it’s my first “long run” (I use that term loosely because my brother is running the Chicago Marathon next weekend and that is more of a “long run”). My long run today is supposed to be six miles. The programs says “Don’t worry about speed and walk if you need to.” So, I’m going to try to run past halfway, take a few minute walking break, and run the rest. My destination? Target. Of course. I needed to be running somewhere I’d actually want to be.

I ran 5+ miles earlier this week, with no walking, so I should be able to do this no problem. BUT – I’m really wussing out and thinking, “You have so much to do for the party today, just wait and do your long run tomorrow.” But I know if I don’t go today, I won’t go tomorrow. I need to just DO IT. If I have to walk half of the distance, that’s fine. I need to just get out there and DO IT. Right?

C’ya on the flip side.

Edited to add: I chose a 7.5 mile route, planning to walk most of the first mile and a half for warm-up. I ended up only walking a little over half-a-mile. That means I ran almost SEVEN DAMN MILES. I feel great. Other than not being able to walk, of course. But if you don’t consider that…I feel GREAT.

15 thoughts on “Wish me luck…”

  1. You are an inspiration.

    The only problem with running to Target is how are you going to carry all that stuff home, or are you capable of going into Target and walking out empty handed. An impossibility for me.

  2. Nice job, Zoot!

    Slow and steady is the long run motto. Hal Higdon says the biggest mistake you can make in training is running the long runs too fast.

    And don’t forget to could that walking distance with the mileage. That counts too. 7.5, baby. You did great!

    Rest. Stretch. Eat your protein. Have we talked about ice baths yet? That’s next. Its all good.

  3. Wow- how great are you! Yes, it’s always good to have a destination in mind when you run. I use to run and then I got a stress fracture in my foot and I decided my poor joints couldn’t take it anymore so I took up yoga. But I still miss the connection running gives you with the out of doors. Don’t overdo it and warm up really good and cool down really good, too. Yay for you!

  4. Um, 6 miles IS a long run. I don’t care who the hell you’re comparing it to.

    Grats on your run and have fun with that party!

  5. WAIT! How do I not know this? Where have I been? Which marathon are you going to do?

    I’m over the moon with excitement for you, Zooterina!

    All righty then, now to peruse your blog for more details.

    Also, feel free to stop by my training blog for helpful running info. For example, we have explored the all important topic of avoiding the dreaded “butt crack chafing”:
    More options for a dry tushie.

    Sorry to pimp on your bandwidth, dollin Zoot, but (pun intended) this is critical data!

    Love to you,

  6. Yo! I just saw that html is not allowed in the Zootcomments!

    I am an asshat. But you knew that already.

    Anywho, try to avoid butt crack chafing by any means possible, mah sweet. I suggest well made running shorts of wicking fabric.

    Now, off to do my long run/walk.


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