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Um, Hi. I have a few confessions I need to make regarding past opinions that I might have changed my mind about. Let’s keep an open mind, people. We’re all allowed to change our minds once in awhile, right?

  • I kinda like my new pens with gel ink. Just last week I bitched about accidentally buying them because “I HATE GEL INK!” And, um, now? I kinda like them a little. They don’t seem like the past gel pens I’ve used! They are better! And faster! Note from 2020: This is the beginning of the still-active love of gel pens.
  • I think I’ve lost my taste for alcohol. I know! It’s just – I’ve started having the periodic glass of wine or bottle of beer since NikkiZ started sleeping through the night. And they’ve all tasted nasty. Is alcohol an aquired taste? I’ve loved it for so long, I don’t remember. Could I have lost my taste for it after 18 months? What am I going to use to drown my pain now?
  • I’ve always sworn up and down that I kill everything I touch. I don’t have the ability to care for plants without killing them. I also lack the desire to ever want a nice yard or flowerbeds. But this weekend? Looking at my in-laws’ yard with their nice lush grass and gorgeous walkways amongst pretty flowers? I kinda started envisioning what it would look like if we, maybe, killed the weeds in our flowerbeds! And I thought about what I might there in place of the weeds! Granted, that doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t kill all of the plants, but just wanting them there is a huge step.
  • I hated, HATED Kim Raver on 24 and was really disappointed she was going to be on The Nine. I thought it was her I hated, but I think I just hated her character – Audrey – because after about 10 minutes of The Nine – I had forgotten all about the hate.

I hope you all will still love me, even if I’m not the same person anymore.

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  1. Just a warning – once you start weeding, it’s hard to quit. I recently discovered the insane satisfaction of pulling a weed and getting the whole damn thing along with root.

    I am so ashamed.

  2. Dude, The Nine was great! I am really curious to see how the season plays out. I’m always really curious how they can stretch out some of these storylines. They were in the bank for over 2 days but how many episodes can they get out of that alone? So of course I’ll keep watching to find out.

    Sort of like Vanished or Kidnapped… they can only be kidnapped for so long right? Then what?

    Also with the booze? Switch to Arbor Mist. It’s girlie wine but oh so tasty. I never liked regular wine or beer.

  3. I. am. so. happy. you’re. back.

    I was sad and missed you, even though I never comment and always lurk, I read you every day.

    Just so you know that someone out here in the blogosphere still *hearts* you zoot. 🙂

  4. Okay, I am somewhat disconcerted by the loss of taste for alcohol thing, but I think we can work through it.

    With all due respect, please, for the love of all things holy, do not turn to wino wine in desperation. I will fix you up with some smooth-ass reds and frou-frou cocktails that will restore your sanity, er, bring you back to the dark side, er, allow you to enjoy getting slightly toasted without sacrificing your dignity.


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  5. Weeding is a great anger management tool, I promise. Also, if you need any help with gardening, don’t hesitate to ask. I need to use my college education for something!

  6. Wow! I love you even more now that you like Gel Pens and dont like alcohol (yes I’ve never had a drop of alcohol)
    You’re my hero! And change is a good thing.

  7. The Alcohol thing… it happend to me too. Well I’ve NEVER been a big drinker.. ever.. but I used to.. before my kids… like an occasional beer or mixed drink here and there.. and now, since my kids… they all taste like crap to me. I’ve given up trying. If I have a drink..it only happens at the most twice a year and then I can never finish them… because they are icky.

    :::sigh ::: I don’t know how I’ve coped… but I have.

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