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The Child of a Mommyblogger

Remember yesterday when I spoke of my daughter’s “ass explosion” and my own cheese-producing nipples? Yeah. If you’ll see the time stamp on that entry, it says 3:30pm or so. Well, as soon as I wrote that, I had to go pick up LilZ. When he got in the car, I asked him how his day was. He proceeded to tell me about his technology club meeting and then asked if I would help them with an upcoming project.

(YES! YES! YES! They like me! They really like me!)

I then realized he wasn’t at all surprised that I was picking him up instead of MrZ. “Aren’t you wondering why I’m here? Your sister was sick.” “I know. I read it on your blog.”

At first, I was kinda tickled. Evidently, he was showing it to his friends at the technology club meeting, which would have been just a few minutes after I published the thing to begin with. I was smiling inside as he was telling me, “They didn’t believe it was you, I had to show them pictures of me and Nikki together to prove it.” I was just so proud that he was proud.

Then…he looked at me and said, “Yeah. Of course it would be the entry where you talk about Nikki’s ass exploding.”

Ooops. He didn’t mention the cheesy nipple reference, I’m hoping they didn’t get that far in the entry. I can just imagine how mortified I would have been when I was 11 if I was reading about my mom’s nipples with my friends standing around the computer with me. EEK. Luckily, LilZ is ten-times more laid back than I ever was. I even said, “If you want me to stop cussing so much, or talking about that stuff, I will.” He just shook his head and said, “Nah. I really don’t care.”

I guess in the big picture? That’s probably the least of my offenses as an embarrassing mother. I’m sure the Car Dancing I do driving him around town would be the first on the list of Things I Wish My Mom Would Stop Doing, if he were to make such a list. Lucky for me, he just dances along with me.

23 thoughts on “The Child of a Mommyblogger”

  1. Like the new design. =)

    Also like how LilZ doesn’t care too much. I think I’d be too embarassed to tell anyone if my mother had a blog… It’s bad enough that she has a myspace imo!

  2. Totally diggin’ the new design! I prefer my shoes comfortable, too but I do prefer my wine in a bottle – or precisely, in my GLASS.

    You KNOW, actually it is your responsibility do SOMETHING embarrassing, otherwise you would be remiss in your duties as a mother, eh?

  3. LOL, that is so funny! I’m just totally impressed that he’s so laid back. My 7 yr old gives me crap about less than this! You are so lucky.

  4. Great new design!

    Can I just say that whenever I read about you and LilZ I always hope that my kids and I will have as great a relationship as you do.

  5. You know, it might be fun to have him make up one of those lists . . . then post it up here for all of us to see!

    LilZ is definitely a cool cat.

  6. Heh… I seriously doubt my 14yo ever shows my blog to any of her friends. But that’s ok.

    LiLZ sounds so cool. Can I borrow him sometime?

  7. You are lucky in many ways, but I think LilZ is a true trooper. I probably would have died a 100 times over if my Mom did that. Mine was great at telling everyone when I had my period.. I think that is the first time I ever wrote the word p….. Anyway, love the design and I wish I was as cool as Lil Z.

  8. What a cool kid! I think it’s awesome that you guys are so close and that he is proud of what you do. Also, the first time I showed my 73-yr-old dad my blog I had a post up which mentioned VD. Awesome!

    p.s. I love your new “do”

  9. LilZ is awesome, and I totally envy the relationship you two have – my parents and I had nothing even remotely close to what you have with your kids. how do you do it? I hope that as my little girl grows she and I will have something similar to what you ahve with your kids!

    also, really likeing the new design. the colors be so purddy!

  10. Oh I am loving the new design! LilZ is such a laid-back kid. I would have passed out from embarrasment at that age.

    (Okay, at ANY age.)

  11. Mmmm. Bluuuuue. I’m so glad you didn’t buy into the “Autumn is approaching, I’m gonna deck out my site in rust/gold/burgundy!” BS.

    Of course, autumn not hitting Alabama until almost spring has something to do with that, I’m sure.

    And your kid is cooler than some of my adult friends. Not fair.

  12. It never occured to me that kids would be reading blogs in technology class. I am officially OLD now.

    But that’s cool that he is so laid back about it. Although you might want to cut back on the alk-tay about your ipples-nay.

  13. OH My! That’s FUNNY!!!! I hope for their sakes they didn’t read that far either. I can just imagine reading something like that about my mom WITH MY FRIENDS!

    You’re so hilarious, I LOVE reading your posts!

    O/T – LOVE the new design!!! Have you thought about doing a tutorial for others to design too!?

  14. That was a great post, Miss Zoot. It shows what a great mom you have been to LilZ- kudos to you!
    And I do love the new design for the blog0 very cool! How do you do it?

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