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On Friday, MrZ was all, “Nikki took two steps toward me today! They weren’t stable steps, but they were steps!” I told him that those steps did NOT count as her first steps because A) I was not there to see them, and B) He’s a big fat liar who likes to say he’s seen stuff that he didn’t really see. Like unicorns, big foot, and Nikki taking her first steps. I mean, come on, she wouldn’t do that without me, would she?

Well, we finally got her some of those leather shoes/socks things that all of the cool kids are wearing. We put them on her and she immediately seemed to be able to stand better. Probably because they force her to keep her toes uncurled. Later yesterday afternoon, I had her standing for a good 5 to 10 seconds at a time. And then, what did she do? She took a step towards me!

If, of course by “step” you mean, she moved one foot in front of the other while throwing her torso at her intended destination. Which, is what we mean by step! So – she took a step! And since I saw that one, it will officially count as her first one. Screw those two from Friday, they didn’t count.

12 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. When I was a daycare teacher, we had a strict policy of not being able to tell parents if a child was taking steps or saying words at school until we heard them mention it as something the child was already doing at home. Basically, the school didn’t want parents feeling badly that their first steps or words were happening at school instead of at home.

    As a parent, how would you feel about a policy like that? Do you think it’s a good idea?

    Also, congrats!!!! Hooray for NikkiZ! God that child is too adorable!!!

  2. Oh No!! It’s all downhill from here. There are so many days I wish for a child who couldn’t get/climb into anything. Yay for Nikki though!!

  3. oh, yes, they are SO powerless against the power of powerful destiny. 😉

    i agree, if you weren’t there, it didn’t happen. kind of like the tree falling in the forest thing. if there’s no mother there to see the first step, did they actually walk?


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