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Rocky Top, you’ll always be…

For those of you new around these here parts, you need to understand that as much as MrZ and I love each other dearly. We do not agree on what teams to root for in the world of SEC football. I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN – home of the University of Tennessee – so my blood runs orange and white. (And if you’ll remember, I’m kinda outnumbered here). MrZ has been a Crimson Tide (University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa) fan his whole life because he was born with only 1/100th of his brain. LilZ used to be an Auburn fan but switched to being a TN Volunteer fan a few years ago. I never pressured him to join the dark side, but when he did? A choir of orange-clad angels sang in praise.

Last year, Santa Clause bought NikkiZ a cheerleader outfit for both teams. However, since I get her dressed most of the time, you know which one she’ll wear more, right? Today is the first day both of our teams play this season. So – yesterday, I put her in this outfit and snuck out the door before MrZ ever saw her. When we came home, I had her and LilZ pose for pictures before MrZ saw either one of them. I then changed them both back into non-partial clothing and just waited until later to show him the pictures.

“She looks very unhappy in those clothes. I hope she hates you for that. She’d better hate you for that. “

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  1. Don’t tell my boyfriend I said this was a cute picture πŸ˜‰ He bleeds Crimson, and, since I went to a school in the Bama system (even though we didn’t have a football team), I’m a fan by extension.

    My boyfriend’s brother and his wife are expecting a baby in January. I keep hoping it will be a little girl so I can buy her a Bama cheerleading outfit πŸ™‚

  2. She is way too cute in that outfit! I love that proud big brother look LilZ has in all the pictures of the two of them together. What a lucky girl NikkiZ is!

  3. Yay for Season Openers. We are off bright and early to see the Mighty Oregon Ducks! GO BIG GREEN.

    Also, I am wearing my Kiss Me I’m a Duck Shirt today. I’ll root for the Vols for you Zoot! (But, you gotta root for the Ducks with me – k?)

  4. I have to say you have let me down. I can’t believe you would dress those beautiful children in Tennessee clothes! Are you insane? They are going to get talked about and beat up in school! ROLL TIDE!!

  5. Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! I think she looks very happy in those clothes and her expression says it all. (And I’m not siding here because I don’t give a hoot about either team.)

  6. I love it!!
    I’m a Tennesse girl myself and when someone asks if I choose Alabama or Auburn the answer is always Tennessee!

  7. War Eagle! We are looking forward to all the games today, but of course we are Auburn fans, so that is the game we will be the one we dress out for. Fuller is already decked out in his orange and blue jersey.

    Love, love the outfit on NickiZ. While I am on record for wanting only boys, if I ever have a little girl, I will be so excited to put one of those cheerleader outfits on her.

    Have a fun day!

  8. I love her hand position in this picture. It’s totally “I don’t KNOW why I’m wearing this! Mom just put it on me! Teehee!”

    Very cute. And I hate football.

  9. I am NOT going to enter the U Tenn vs. Crimson tide debate, however, the orange duo – how cute is that? Particularly NikkiZ as a little cheerleader. I’m grinning ear-to-ear at the sight!

  10. Ok, so those two make UT look GOOD. That’s about the cutest thing I’ve seen. That said…


  11. i Really think yOur chiLdren are adorabLe

    Too bad you Insist on Dressing them in orangE

    [the lack of HTML makes it REALLY hard to place my secret message in your comments. Perhaps the capital letters gice it away?] πŸ™‚

  12. While I was looking for a new blog design I found your blog from your template site. Nice to see a fellow Vol fan! I went to UTK and remember the competition between us and ‘Bama fans. Not that I envy your situation being married to one, but WHAT FUN during football season!

  13. That is so cute! Where in the world do you get the tiny cheer uniform? I have a certain friend with a little girl who would love that.

  14. Just popping in with a “Gooooooooo Dawgs! Sic ’em! woof woof woof woof!”

    At least we can all agree that LilZ abandoning Auburn is the best thing to happen to your family since Bear Bryant was in short pants.

  15. She’s looks pretty happy to me! I’m of the orange and white variety, but it’s the Texas orange and white. Hope the Vols have a good season.

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