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I heard a choir of internet angels singing

Two awesome things with regards to my attempt at making LilZ a web-geek.

1) He came home and asked if he could join the technology club. I tried to contain my enthusiasm when I said, “Of course!” because I didn’t want my excitement to nullify his desire. BUT I’M SO EXCITED.

2) He has a blog where he writes about his favorite books. He only writes about his favorite books so I’m not handing out the link. BUT – I caught him editing the HTML on the template tonight. Nothing fancy, just a link, but still. I CAUGHT HIM EDITING HTML. I’m so proud I could cry. My little boy. So grown up and blogging like his momma.

Update from 2020: I have no memory of either of these things.

6 thoughts on “I heard a choir of internet angels singing”

  1. That is precious! I remember when my now-14-yo started learning html so she could update my now-defunct geocities website. She wound up teaching herself how to use Paintshop Pro as well and used to be quite in demand at Neopets designing “lookups”.

    Rock on, LilZ!

  2. I would love the link to lilz’s blog. I have an 11 year old boy (and girl) who likes to read but is so picky I am having a hard time finding any books for him to read.

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