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My boy…he’s growing up…

LilZ said his first curse word to me the other day.

Well, the first society-deemed curse word that he KNEW was a curse word. He was telling a story about how some kid said something and everyone else thought he said, “dick.” And he actually said the word, “dick” when re-telling the story. Even more surprising? He didn’t flinch when he said it. I pointed out, “You just said ‘dick’ to your mother. Not that I care, but I thought I’d point it out.”

“Hey, it’s not like I said the f-word.”

In our house, I worry more about content/meaning than the actual words themselves. For example, the word “stupid” is not really a curse word, but I don’t like LilZ to say someone is “stupid” because it means he’s talking ugly about someone and I try to discourage that. (Unless we’re talking about the stupid morons on Project Runway who vote off good people and keep insane morons.)

I also try to teach that language is a powerful tool – as is profanity. Sometimes, in some company, profanity is actually useful. BUT – you must always know your audience. The power of the word in terms of humor can be negated in the company of someone who would find it offensive. We try to respect everyone’s right to be offended and not force them to hear language that makes them uncomfortable.

“Kinda like how I don’t talk about my bowel movements to your teacher. That would make her feel uncomfortable.”

However, they are just words, and I don’t necessarily want to put more weight on the WORD than on the MEANING. I know I can call someone a douche-bag in front of LilZ because it cracks him up. It carries a lot of weight in the laugh-inducing department, allowing me to use it freely. However, I would not call someone a douche-bag in front of my boss, or it might get me fired. Same word, different audience, different effect.

I very rarely use the f-word in our house. LilZ actually doesn’t like the f-word, it makes him flinch even when he hears it on movies or music. So, I save it for REALLY serious moments. Like, the other day when I stubbed my toe on his desk chair. LilZ had a heart attack because that word, coming from his mother, makes him VERY uncomfortable. I probably should have opted NOT to use it at that moment, but sometimes words do come out before your own censor stops them.

What was my point?

Oh yeah – it was very weird hearing him curse. He’s officially a foul-mouthed punk-ass kid. I couldn’t be more proud.

8 thoughts on “My boy…he’s growing up…”

  1. Oh no!!! I totally have the same approach to cussing, but I let out a string when I read that Alison got auf’d and VINCENT is on!!! OOF. I TIVOd and probably won’t get to that one for weeks!

  2. I was all pissed that they auf’ed Allison. Then I read the interview with her that’s up at and now I can’t stand her. She was pretty nasty in it and blamed her losses on the fact that they kept giving her bad models and other stuff. it was pretty ridiculous.

  3. The “F” word is the greatest word in the English language. I heart the “F” word.

    Now I have a 10 month old. OHHHHHHH how I long to use the “F” word, and OHHHHH how I just cannot do ti for fear she can already understand!

    Content is definitely the kicker on usage!

  4. whats the difference in calling someone stupid and calling them a douche-bag?

  5. I don’t wanna sound creepy, but LilZ is just so adorable! Not liking the f word, good for him.

    And I find it soooooo difficult to judge my audience. It’s one of those things I never really learnt growing up, so I try to be extra-polite constantly so I never offend anyone. My boyfriend is GREAT at knowing his audience. I suck at it.

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