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Zoot in side ponytails! EVERY DAY!

I bought a scanner/copier thing for 22 bucks on clearance at Target a few months ago and haven’t gotten around to using it. Since I was home with a sick baby and a sick husband yesterday afternoon – I thought it would be a good time to scan some pics. Take a trip down the Rave Hairspray scented memory lane. Where there was big hair, ugly shirts, and waaaay too much lace.

This one cracked me up the most because it brought me back to one of my many embarrassing moments that gave me nightmares for YEARS. Notice the tissue around my finger? That’s covering a BURN. Wanna know how I got that burn?

I had invited my boyfriend (the one who gave me a moonie for my birthday) over to bake cookies. Because I was 80 years old, evidently. We were going to bake them and take them to my church youth group meeting that evening. Because I was 80 and a good catholic girl who even, at times, tossed around the idea of being a nun.


When the cookies were done, I used the oven mitt to get them out of the oven, but on the way out, the metal thermometer on the top of the oven fell on the pan and onto one of the cookies. I didn’t want it to ruin the cookie, so I grabbed it with the other NON-mitted hand. Metal that has been in the oven gets HOT. Of course it burned the shit out of me.

I instinctively threw it across the kitchen and into the sink. My boyfriend was all, “Are you okay?” He had a look that was a perfect mixture of, “Oh no, that must of hurt!” and “You stupid dumbass…why did you do that? Are you crazy?” I decided the best way to redeem myself was to pretend it didn’t hurt for the rest of the night. HA! I just kept wetting that tissue and wrapping it around the burned blister in an attempt to lessen the pain. When really? It hurt so bad I was fighting off tears all night.

Damn baking. It’s been out to get me since the 80s.

Update from 2020: I edited this post a bit but some of what I deleted said I had told this story before and jeezus if I haven’t found the entry in my cleaning up of old posts so maybe this is a second tell of this story or maybe I deleted the first. Who knows!

9 thoughts on “Zoot in side ponytails! EVERY DAY!”

  1. We don’t have a scanner so if I want a copy of a picture I don’t have on the computer, I take a picture of it. This is especially handy with studio family portraits. That’s how I got the profile pic on my blog. But I’m kind of a rebel. HA.
    Oh, and you might be able to find a little tabletop tripod at a camera store. It’s about 4 inches high and the little legs are bendable… like Gumby. That is, if you want something a little more stable eventually.

  2. “Well, being that I used to be a good little catholic girl *Interesting fact – I used to love church, and there was a great deal of time in which I wanted to be a nun. Stop laughing, it’s true.* I knew the first part of the proper way to confess, but I forgot the rest. So, I decide to look it up!”

    That is from an entry I wrote last Thursday. Haha, we wanted to be nuns. (thats the address, not trying to pimp the blog, just thought i’d link to cited entry.)

    And whenever I see pictures of myself as a small child decked out in day-glo spandex with crimped hair, I have the urge to ask my mom “Why didn’t you love me?”

  3. When I was in first grade, my religion teacher’s name was Sister Mary Margaret. Because my name is also Mary Margaret, I decided that coincidence was God calling me to a life in the convent.

    Then I got to liking boys and put that thought out of my mind.

    Interestingly, my fiance still holds that if priests were allowed to get married, he would have wanted to become one. I don’t know how good of a priest he would have made, but isn’t it interesting what Catholic school will do to a kid?

  4. I love the pictures you scanned and posted. I used to really want that silk/multi-colored shirt, but alas, my mom had the good sense to not let me get one. Thank goodness. I also always wanted Umbros but never owned a pair. Which is all weird because I was a spoiled brat growing up, but I never got the “cool” things. Not even a hypercolor shirt, which I also always wanted.

  5. Nice 80’s outfit there!!! You should totally post some photos of you in baggy umbro shorts, scrunchy’s and over-sized t-shirts…. i Love that classic look, makes me feel like a kid again. Ciao!


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