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On the road again..

We’re back! We left late Friday and were back home by 8am this morning, but at least we got a few hours with my folks. Which, considering the damage NikkiZ did to both of their homes in just those few hours – it’s probably a good thing we didn’t have any longer.

We spent the first half of Saturday at my Dad’s. NikkiZ unstacked every magazine in sight as well as un-shelfing any book within reach. Luckily my Dad is, well, a guy, so that crap doesn’t bother him. She had fun tearing up his house as any toddler would. We also walked around the World’s Fair Site and part of UT’s campus for awhile. NikkiZ fell asleep in my Dad’s arms and LilZ fell asleep in mine.

Just kidding, like I could carry LilZ anywhere anymore. More like he carried me.

We ate lunch at one of my old favorite places, The Falafel Hut, and visited the downtown library I spent many days at growing up. I took LilZ down to the kids section in the basement and found myself experiencing major flashbacks from my own childhood. While we were there, I had to use the kid’s bathroom which had a toilet that was only about a foot tall. It felt very wrong peeing on a potty that tiny, but what choice did I have?

Well, I could have used the adult bathroom less than 10 feet down the hall. I felt like such an idiot when I saw that on the way out. I was like, “Ohh…there’s the adult potty…” At least my Dad got a good laugh out of that.

We hung out with my mom Saturday night. She cooked us dinner and did a very good job not getting on to us for binging on chocolate pre-dinner. She babysat NikkiZ while LilZ and I went school supply shopping, getting her to take the much-needed nap I couldn’t get her to take.

The trip was good, all around. I’m very worn out though, it was such a whirlwind. I hope we get to spend more time with them next time. And I may have my Dad convinced to come visit us in a few weeks to run a 5K with us. Providing me another chance to crack him up. I don’t know which will be funnier; me using the kids potty, or me running. MrZ has seen me run, and he things that might be funnier.

4 thoughts on “On the road again..”

  1. Damn, you international jetsetter, you! When are you going to give up your crazy ramblin’ ways and settle down? NikkiZ’s clocked more miles in her first year than I have in my entire life!

  2. NikkiZ is still adorable, even with bedhead. And I LOVe that your Mom’s Flickr is called “Zoot’s Mom”! What a proud Grandma she is.

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