The crap that is my life

This is what happened to our closet this morning. When I heard it all crash and MrZ scream, I almost had a heart attack as I envisioned him being crushed under the weight of his damn t-shirts. Come to think of it, now that I know he has not been murdered by golf shirts, it almost serves him right for the nine million times I’ve begged him to thin out his wardrobe. Not that I would ever wish harm upon my husband, but the collapse did kinda prove me right, don’t you think?

The other freaky part? NikkiZ plays in there all the time while I put up clothes or get ready for work. The cheap ass closet system would have definitely hurt her, whereas it just jarred MrZ a bit. Damn plastic crap.

Now – the question for the ages? What in the hell do we do now? We don’t own bedroom furniture. All of our clothes fit in that closet. MrZ is the picky one when it comes to wrinkled clothes (I’m happy as long as they don’t smell like vomit) so I guess I’ll take my clothes off the rack and let him have my side until we figure out what to do. We’re definitely not buying another one of those systems. We didn’t even have hardly anything on the shelf, just clothes on the racks, so we weren’t even usuing it to its supposed maximum potential before it gave out.

Stupid plastic crap. We might as well be hanging our clothes on spaghetti noodles.

11 thoughts on “The crap that is my life”

  1. WOW! I’m just glad no one was hurt! Now you get the fun of reorganizing!! Er, maybe *I* just think that’d be fun! 🙂

  2. Here I am Miss. Find Someone Else to fix it… California Closets and have them come and give you an estimate. But that is because I am lazy. MrZ is handy I am sure he will have it fixed in no time!

  3. Too funny, I think if that happened to my husband I would just crack up. I say, go with the old fashioned metal rod bolted into the wall. Then that puppy isn’t going anywhere!

  4. Eh, that happens to us all the time.

    It’s not terribly attractive, but, just get a 2×4 long enough to wedge (it stands up on it’s end) between the floor and the shelf in one spot toward the middle, and it does fine. You can paint it white, that helps with the aesthetics.

  5. DAmn I haven’t commented here in so long it took me out…waaah.

    We had a closet system like that and it fell too, it was more like 16 feet long…no really, maybe 12 but it feel and it was a disaster. We fixed it with braces. Where the instructions say to put a brace ever so many feet, we doubled it, it held that time.

    I am very anal about my house. I however am also ver delicate in my health. Because of my back, I don’t do floors or tubs….I do all the laundry inthis house and I mean down to putting it away for every-fucking-one of us. I also do all the cooking and all the shopping and shit this is what I came to tell you.

    What I came to say is, you can’t be very anal when you have to ask for help. My husband could care less if anything ever got wiped down or vacuumed. I have to beg. Tonight though, I got him one over, I sprayed the tub with scrubbing bubbles, then as he is about to get in, I give him the good news, he had to clean it then. It sure made me feel good to know that some one that I have assumed to be a clean-geek would let your tub go like that…whew, load lifted right off my shoulders. We did floors, tubs, bathrooms, dusting, the whole damn house today…including about 8 loads of laundry….woe is me, I know.

    I only came here to say I’m glad your tub is dirty and your clothes can be saved with some extra braces. Amazing how your standards of clean and iron result to unstained and smelling like either poop or vomit but not both…an iron, bahahahahahahahahahha

  6. ok…hold on a second.
    YOU are GIVING HIM Your HALF of the closet?
    HAve you gone mad?
    Surely you have.
    rethink this Zoot. It would be like giving him HALF OF YOUR PenS!

  7. Hey Zoot! The first thing I thought when I saw that photo? Damn, Zoot has an enormous closet. So yeah, even with the falling pieces, I’m jealous.

  8. That’s a scary picture. I have the same type of fixture and my side not only has tons of clothes hanging from it, there are also piles of clothes on top of it. I need to go home and examine my closet.

  9. Do you have a Container Store near you? They have these Elfa Closet systems that are awesome. They are like California Closets but they are cheaper and you install them yourself. And if my dad and I, two incredibly un-handy people, can install one then anyone can! And you can completely design them to suit your needs!

  10. I’ve done that…fact of the matter is the plastic stuff will work fine if you use different anchors then the ones that come in the package and make sure you hit some studs (if you wanna jab Mr. Z in the arm – this would be the perfect time). Knowing via the internets the DIY knowledge of Mr.Z I’m sure he’s already made a trip to the HD for the fix – which will thankfully be cheap and easy. (unless it ripped the drywall and then well you can either live with it ripped or deal with the icky, messy, dusty fix – I hope this didn’t happen to you)
    And then RECLAIM your closet space girl!

  11. My closet looked just like that when it RIPPED itself off the wall. We fixed it with bracing like the other lovely ladies mentioned, and so far, no crashie. I’d LURVE me some California Closets or even just some of the fancier (read: sturdier) stuff from Home Depot, but I spend all my money on booze and pizza. Uh, I mean, rent and gasoline.

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