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I still got it.

As LilZ gets older (which I really wish he’d stop doing already) I become less of a source of entertainment for him. I was always able to get him laughing doing any number of things from tickling him to telling stupid jokes about poop. Well, the tickling doesn’t work so much anymore because he is big enough to out-wiggle me and he ends up tickling me and we just can NOT have that. I beat the crap out of people who tickle me, he is learning quickly. And for some reason, he doesn’t find that funny.

The poop jokes aren’t a guarantee laugh inducer anymore either. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a male and all males find poop jokes funny, but he’s getting a lot smarter with his sense of humor and hearing his mom say “poop” or talk about poop doesn’t do it anymore. He needs actual wit to his poop jokes. That’s harder to do.

Well, yesterday? I was on a ROLL with the 11-year old humor. When we got to the mall I had to make a stop by the potty. The last time I had to use that particular bathroom in the mall, it was BAAAAD, and LilZ remembered. “I hope it’s cleaner than last time,” he said forebodingly as I entered the bathroom. When I came out he asked, “Was it clean?” I replied, “Well, I wouldn’t want to eat dinner off the floor, but it also didn’t look like someone painted graffiti with their own poop, so it was okay.”

For some reason? Poop graffiti? Cracked LilZ up. He was both humored and mortified at the same time. He also thought the idea of eating dinner off of a bathroom floor was pretty entertaining as well. Score one for Team Mom!

The other thing I did that LilZ thought was fantastically funny – involved nothing more than the spontaneous use of a silly voice. We were walking past the handbag department, on our way out the store. I always like to look at all of the displays: Coach, Kate Spade, etc. We passed one display that had such an odd designer sign that it moved me to kinda shout it using an odd elf-like voice. “Lu Lu!” I exclaimed. Hearing me do that out of the blue caused LilZ to choke on the smoothie he was slurping. If he could have exclaimed, “What in the Hell?!” – he would have. Unfortunately – he was too busy gasping for breath.

He thought it was so funny, he kept asking me to re-enact it the rest of the night. That’s when you know your kid thinks you’re funny – when he wants a repeat performance. Of course, that was one of those incidents that was really funny because of when and where I said it. Not because of what I said. In other words? When I exclaimed, “Lu Lu!” to MrZ using the same voice later? He didn’t even laugh. As a matter of fact, he kinda looked at me like I was on the unsafe side of insane.

He, evidently, prefers the stupid poop jokes.

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  1. My mom cracks me the hell up. We have the dumbest senses of humor (including the poop jokes/toilet humor AND funny, random voices).

    My brother is 16, and he has to try so hard not to laugh at my mom and I when we start the joking.

    He pretends that we’re totally embarassing him and that we’re sick and twisted individuals, but the whole time he is trying his absolute hardest not to crack a smile.

    Mom and I both miss the days when we could get him laughing by just uttering the word “poop”.

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