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On Pens

LilZ and I went school supply shopping last night. For those of you reading here for awhile, you know that is like the perfect date in my mind. Staples…how I love you so. You and your large pen aisle.

I would have loved to wait until the sales-tax holiday (Thursday thru Sunday) we have coming up in Alabama, but since LilZ’s orientation is tomorrow, we wanted to go ahead and get it all done last night. (Who am I kidding, like I need an excuse to go to Staples.) We started out at Target since they have some groovy things in their back-to-school section that LilZ and I have both been drooling over. After that – we went to Staples to get the majority of what was on the list.

When LilZ was done, I realized he hadn’t chosen any pens yet. “You are allowed to use pens this year! Don’t you want to pick out some pens?” He apathetically said, “Sure. I guess.” He looked around the massive selection and said the phrase he has since learned to never repeat again, “Do you have any pens you recommend?”

It was like a parenting dream come true. My pre-teen son was asking my advice on one of my most favoritest topics of all times: SCHOOL SUPPLIES. cue angels singing…now!

An hour later, LilZ had chosen a pack of gel pens to take to school. (I’m actually not a big fan of gel pens, (Update from 2020: I love gel pens now!) but he likes them, so I gave him room to make his own decisions regarding writing utensils. I’m a good mom like that.) Then, of course, I had to pick up my token pack of new pens to try. I’ve been to Staples so often lately, I’m running out of pens worth sampling. I also insisted that LilZ buy a box of “crap” pens. I said, “You know – just to keep around your desk in case you can’t find your good pens.” He went and grabbed a box of cheap Bic Ballpoints and I stopped him, directed him to a moderately crappy stack and said, “Okay. Not that crappy. I don’t want those in my house. The neighbors will talk.”

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  1. I am so glad to know I am not the only person with an obsession with Staples. I love any store that is school and office supplies. I can spend hours on end in them. LOVE

  2. I’m a pen fanatic too. There aren’t many I haven’t tried. Which new ones did you buy for yourself?

  3. pen freak here too! i am sending you some “smelly” pens i got from the philippines…ok, maybe “scented” is a better word.

    hope you like them!

  4. I love it!! I am such a school supply freak which includes pens. I was thinking as I was in Target yesterday that I couldn’t wait until Thomas got older so that we could buy school supplies!! It sounds like you guys had fun, well, at least you had fun.

  5. Ok, there is really something not right with me.

    After reading that entry, I sat at my desk and stared into space, daydreaming of Staples. You heard me, daydreaming. That can’t be normal, can it?

    There is really no better feeling than a brand new pen and a fresh pad of paper on a day when I have good handwriting. Ok, that’s weird too, isn’t it? Does anyone else have good and bad handwriting days? No? Just me? Ok then.

    And you think you’re socially retarded when talking to people you admire? ^^^ I just rambled. On the Internet. Where I can revise my words.

  6. What a wonderful parenting moment. I’m insane about pens too, and had a long conversation the other day with a co-worker about which pens at work we liked because the flow was good. Other people just laughed at us, but a pen has to have good flow and ink that doesn’t smear easily to be usable in my book. It does matter.

  7. I sooooo have the pen problem. I was very upset when a few years ago they changed the style of my favorite pens…I haven’t been the same since. And for some reason, I am now hooked a a couple of free pens from the title company from when we settled on our house. Strange.

  8. My sister and I loooooooove pens. I’m really into really thin rollerballs right now. πŸ™‚ wwwooooooo

  9. Oh my lord. I *heart* pens. My mom and I were the same way through all of my back to school years. I even bought a day planner and a pack of pens the other day when she was here just because she was pressuring me into it. πŸ™‚ Zebra is my fave — the metal click pens. And RSVP. But only the ones with an extra fine point. I don’t like medium. *shudder* It looks sloppy to me.

  10. This topic makes me sad. Sniff, sniff. My favorite pen died last week, and I don’t know where to get a new one. One of my co-workers has one in her desk drawer. Would it be so wrong of me to steal it?

  11. I used to love the fine-point Pilot retractable ball-points, but I haven’t seen them in a while.

    Pens are an issue for me both at home and at work. My department is really stingy and only stocks cheap, crappy pens, so I end up scouting other departments’ storage rooms for better ones. And sometimes I special-order a box of good pens JUST FOR ME.

    Then, when I take a good pen home and my husband loses it, I go ballistic. I’ll ask him where my pen went, and he’ll hand me half a dozen pens that AREN’T MY PEN, and I get pissed. He totally doesn’t get it. But it DOES matter.

    So glad I am not the only one with this obsession. πŸ™‚

  12. I always know where my “good” pen is – I loan out the cheap ones….really, cheap ones. It is my way of ensuring nobody goes looking for a good pen in my desk drawer *heh*

    My best pen – a Waterman – lives in a box in a secret spot at home and is only written with when I need a pick me up.

  13. I am so sad that I am no longer a student and don’t have an excuse to buy school supplies. At least my boss has a preference for pens that I really like, so I don’t have to bring my own into work. (Which I have done before.)

    Good thinking having LilZ get crap pens… never, ever loan out a good pen to a classmate or you’ll never see it again!

    So, what kind of pens do you use most often these days? And which ones did you pick up to try out?

  14. lmao girlie! i forgot how much of a pen freak you are. glad i’m not alone, although i don’t think i’m that “snobby” about pens. πŸ™‚

  15. I love a good writing pen or six. I have a drawer full at home and the office, all different kinds. I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES!

  16. i’m addicted to pens. i steal them, even. not purposely, of course. (or: you’ll never know. shut up.)

  17. Wait! Wait.

    I don’t mean I steal them, from, like, a STORE or something. i just meant that sometimes I use a pen at a store or a bank or a coworkers desk, and then I “accidentally” walk off with it.


  18. I remember being like 10 and wishing I could win one of those contests where you get to go into the store and just grab anything you want… They were always for toy stores, but *I* wanted an office supply store.

    Such happy daydreams!

  19. I totally *heart* pens. Now that I am in college, my mom won’t let me go back-to-school shopping, forcing me to choose between buying fcomplete starvation and clicky-tops. Does not buying your 21 year old daughter school supplies count as child abuse? neglect?

  20. I adore office supplies. It’s probably for the best that the closest Office Depot is nearly two hours away, and the closest Staples more than twice that distance. Still…I do miss them.

  21. I have my special pens too, and have been known to almost bite people who have tried to borrow them from me. My big girl (now 2 yrs. old) has found my stash. I got the best pictures of her shirtless, wearing my sunglasses, and writing with my good pen. It’s always good to see evidence of your DNA in action.

  22. LOL pen snob.

    Yeah, gel pens suck ass, but all the colors and stuff make them appealing to kids. I know that’s how I got suckered in. But then I got tired of throwing them out after a week and a half.

  23. You made a post about school supply shopping, funny.

    I’m in love with my Pilot Dr. Grip. And all the notebooks at Target. I get to do the shopping in a week, and can’t wait.

  24. I can’t wait to have a child to take to the pen aisle! My addiction was inherited from my mom and I fully intend to pass it down.

  25. I thought of you today when I went to Office Depot. Pens pens pens everywhere πŸ™‚

    BTW, I was going to trackback to this, but I didn’t see a link (it is late, though).

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