We are on our way to California for BlogHer. MrZ couldn’t go since he was attending his Grandmother’s funeral in Slidell, LA So LilZ is now my co-parent in this journey across the country with a baby.

So far, so good. Kinda.

Well – I’ve already met three bloggers face-to-face. First? I was talking to two women at the Atlanta airport yesterday as we waited for our VERY DELAYED flight. As we were talking, we eventually figured out we were all going to Blogher and it got very surreal and OHMIGOD THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING there for a minute.

Then, after we finally made it to the hotel (flying with an infant? STUPID AS HELL. I will not dwell on how stressful it was or I may never fly home) and got settled in (read: put on jammies and take off bra) Brit came over and brought me diet coke and then I kissed her and gave her my children as gifts. Okay, maybe not, but the joy at having those diet cokes almost made me do it.

I’m still sick to my stomach with faulty nerves and NikkiZ did NOT sleep well last night and I’m kinda feeling a little bat-shit KRAZEE right now and OHMIGOD I’M FINALLY HERE.

I’m going to go throw up now. Thanks.

15 thoughts on “THANK GOD FOR LILZ”

  1. Wow, my frantic hitting the refresh button has finally paid off. You’re still alive!
    You will be fineI LilZ will save you ;).Relax and have fun @ blogHer

  2. traveling with a baby always sucks!!! always! you are going to do great and look at all the support you already have! i wish i was going to be there and can’t wait to hear all about it

  3. You’ll be fine, and I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time, and find yourself wanting to kiss many of the wonderful women there. Have a great time!

  4. You are seriously my hero for even thinking about traveling by yourself with two kids. LittleZ, we love you! Thanks for keeping your mom sane. 🙂
    Now down that Diet Coke girl and have a good time.
    Glad you made it there safely.

  5. Traveling with a baby across the country, you are amazing. Have fun. Enjoy yourself, you know as much as you can with 2 children!

  6. I’m so jealous that everyone went to blogher. Hope you have fun and don’t forget EVERY detail so us people here at home can feel the love too!

  7. Ya’ll? She’s doing FANTASTIC. She’s totally rocking her presentation right now. 🙂 She knows her blogging goodness, that’s for sure. Go Zoot! 🙂

  8. Dude. I am sitting in your session (I paid rapt attention to YOU, of course, but you’re not talking right now) and you are CUTE AS A BUTTON and I want to PUT YOU IN MY POCKET. No throwing up.


  9. This is so funny! Reading comments that people post while listening to your presentation. And they like you! They really like you! (duh)
    And then everyone is like, where the hell is Amalah and Mom101 is all, dude, you missed cheese danishes.
    I don’t know why but it’s just all crackin’ me up.

  10. You are brave, brave, brave! I totally respect you for traveling with two little ones. I hardly dare travel with my full-grown husband.

  11. wehre the hell are you? i’ve been looking around and asking amy…

  12. MZ, it was so lovely to meet you and your wonderful kids. I am looking forward to reading your blog regularly now that we’ve met in person!

  13. It was a wonderful surprise to end up sitting right next to you at the airport! Thanks for letting me fuss over the baby since I was already missing mine so badly. I think your son is amazing.

    Looking forward to being a regular reader now, and I’ll hopefully see you at blogher ’07!

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