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LilZ was invited to a small back-to-school bash last night that he was VERY proud he got invited to. I understood why when I saw all the cute girls there when we pulled up. Jeez…when I was in 6th grade? I was not at all pretty – what do these girls know that I didn’t?

Anyway…he wanted me to bake the muffins I sent with him to camp that everyone loved. BUT – Target was out of the Ghiradelli mix. I offered to make Ghiradelli brownies, but he chose the HERSHEY muffin mix instead and y’all? Those were good too! What is it with muffin mixes and them being so DAMN YUMMY nowadays? He said that everyone raved on those as well and one person even asked if they were from a “Secret Recipe or something?” I guess they wanted to know to see if it was worth asking me for it.

LilZ, being the rockin’ kid he is said, “I don’t know…” Hee! It is a secret! What box of mix do I use? And do I use water from the tap or from the filter? And the egg! Do I use a Large or JUMBO? YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!

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  1. If you would like to make them extra-superlicious, add a half bag of chocolate chips. The fancy kind. Or you can get one of those huge Ghiradelli chocolate bars (come on, I know you’ve all seen them and wanted to eat it instead of bake with it) and break it up with a knife handle and dump that in. Then there really IS a secret ingredient!

  2. I went through a time where I kept getting invited to cookouts and people kept asking me to contribute a side dish, “like potato salad.” I just kept going to the store and buying the same kind of potato salad. It came in packaging that was inconvenient for serving (like a short, fat milk carton) so I put it into my own bowl. Everyone now thinks I have this amazing potato salad recipe that is top secret. I just smile and keep my mouth shut.

  3. LOL Jill…Classic.

    I can proudly say I am a good cook. However sewing is a freaking nightmare. I get tormented each month when my boys get new cubscout patches for me to sew on. They do not iron. I can’t figure out my stupid sewing machine my mom passed down to me that she never knew how to use, a hot glue gun does not work for long on patches especially after they are washed I discovered. All I can do is sew them by hand because noone will take pity on me.

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