7 thoughts on “We’re back…”

  1. Welcome back! I was missing ya, Zoot!

    Good luck with the power supply thing. that happened to my old laptop and it was something wrong with the laptop not the cord/etc and I was VERY sad. So I hope your issue is easily solvable.

    I suppose now isn’t the time to point out you gotta pack up and leave home again in a few days?

  2. Bah on beach sand, long car rides, and crappy power supply cords. Also clogged milk ducts and 10 lb. weight gains.
    Each one of those bears the official “Seal of Suckiness” in my opinion. (personal experience! each and every one! including my current power cord issue!)
    Welcome home.

  3. welcome back zooter!!

    so sorry to hear about poor lappy! That happened to mine once when I left it plugged in and lightening hit my apartment building! Luckily, the nice folks at office depot were too dumb to know what had happened and nicely sent it off to be ficked for me…I HOPE and PRAY for the sake of all that is good and right in the world that the poor people at Worst Buy can help you out! (because the wrath? it is too scary to think about right now!)

    also sorry about your boobies…hope that clears up quickly!

  4. Glad you’re back – try some warm compresses (disposable diapers work great, seriously) to help the boob! Glad you had fun and I know how you need a vacation from a vacation sometimes!
    Hang in there

  5. I second countrymom’s suggestion of warm compress and massage…

    Sorry the suckfest is beginning; hope it is over soon!

  6. Zoot, the 10 pounds? I understand and feel your pain! It’s the story of my life!
    The laptop? Just went through a major meltdown, myself in January. Got a new one and I am happy. Remember, hard drives can be removed and connected to another machine for info retrieval. Fingers crossed.
    Sand? Yeah, growing up on Cape Cod, I swear I still find some in my ears!
    Breast? Use warm washcloth compresses and this should unclog things. If not call your doc for a script of antibiotics.
    Good luck!

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