If you need me, I’ll be churning butter

DIAL-UP SUCKS. That is all I’ll say about the fact that we’re stuck here with dial-up. As in, I am using the Internet through the phone line. Did you know you could still do that? Evidently you can. So – just know that all of the pictures and entries you see this week? Have an understood preface of “Dial-up Sucks Donkey Balls.” If you remember that? I won’t need to repeat it but a few more gillion times.

We made it to the house and NikkiZ only screamed for the last 30 minutes or so. The house is gorgeous, which you’ll see if my pictures ever finish uploading over the PHONE LINE. We ate a bunch of shrimp for dinner and took a few walks on the beach. I also went grocery shopping and spent $350 on food. Oh, how I wish I were exaggerating. TWO BUGGIES. That’s a first time for me, two buggies worth of groceries.

We have the beach mostly to ourselves which is completely different from beach trips I’m used to (which is really not that many – this is kinda all knew to me). There are about ninety trillion stars out tonight and the ocean will soothe us all to sleep as the tide rolls in. It’s incredibly perfect in every way.

(Except for the damn dial-up.)

13 thoughts on “If you need me, I’ll be churning butter”

  1. I SO feel for you.. I just spent a GREAT week at the beach, but there was only dial up – well that’s not totally true-we’ve shared whatever signals were in the air – but problem is, I feel like i have to hold my breath and stand on one foot not to lose the signal.
    Good luck!! And enjoy

  2. Who needs internet when you have the beach?
    Enjoy the beach, your vacation sounds perfect. Drink copious amounts of alcohol and have lots of moonlit walks on the beach with Mr. Z.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. Oh, I feel for you; my mom still has dial-up, so every time we go for a visit, us broad-banders get twitchy.

    Enjoy your vacation, sounds like a great place.

  4. Okay, where are you in Florida? Just curious because I’m between G’ville and Jax, and about 90 minutes from Orlando, Daytona and St. Augustine.

    And groceries are WAYYYYY more expensive in Florida, $350 is easy to spend.

    Have a great vacation!

  5. Maaaan just from the pictures what a vaca already…you guys will have so much fun!

  6. I feel your pain on the dial-up. That’s our current situation in the hospital right now. Even though they have a wireless connection that for some reason I can’t connect to! Aarrggghh.

  7. Best beach trip I ever had was during an isolated time without having to fight the crowds. And dial-up? Humph. I just got rid of it three months ago and would rather burn in hell than go back. Kiss the beach for me.

  8. I’ll be waiting for the post when that “calming rolling in of the ocean” caused you to be up all night because the sounds of the water had somebody going to the bathroom all night long. 🙂

    Dial Up, huh? We will be going on vacation at a resort that not only doesn’t have broadband, no dial up… actually NO PHONES other than a payphone in the main building. (How is THAT for taking a trip in a wayback machine). Fortunately I have Internet Access on my Cell Phone, and yes there is reception there (albeit not great).

  9. My husband and I spent our first date walking aound alligator point. We have been together ever since. 15 years in April. I hope you have a wonderful time and no one gets sun burned.

  10. ahhhh!!! DIAL UP is KILLING me too! i’m not getting my daily fill of multiple zoot blog postings!

    hope you had a happy bday and are having a grand vacation 🙂 soooooo jealous!

  11. ahhhh!!! DIAL UP is KILLING me too! i’m not getting my daily fill of multiple zoot blog postings!

    hope you had a happy bday and are having a grand vacation 🙂 soooooo jealous!

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