Georgia – Day 1

DUDE. We are at the Hampton Inn in North Columbus and it is AWESOME. The beds were comfy and the rooms were nice and it was by far the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. I’m up and showered right now, waiting to call and wake up B so she can bring LilZ to me (with Ana) and meet us for breakfast. I stayed up until about 2am chatting with her and letting her and Ana see/play with NikkiZ and they loved it. It’s been a short visit but it’s been great. I wish we had more time.

We will leave in a few hours to make the rest of the drive to Alligator Point. I am so excited I barely slept last night. I’m like a little kid with this trip…except for the whiney “Are we there yet?” part.

(MrZ: Nope. She’s been doing that too.)

Alrighty then, let’s bring on Day 2! (And yes, I’m counting yesterday as Day 1 even though I had to work because the second we started traveling? It was officially my vacation and I can count the way I want to because it’s MY VACATION!) (Yes, I know, shut up already. We’re not even at the beach yet and you already hate me, don’t you?)

5 thoughts on “Georgia – Day 1”

  1. YOU ARE KIDDING. I LIVE in Columbus, GA, not far from the Hampton. We could have met up and let the babies play, or I could have shown you around.

  2. Could our kids be any more beautiful or awesome? And yes, stop w/ the growing!!!

    Sooooo good to see you guys…..even if only for a minute. Next time, though….we need waaaaay more time!

    Have a blast at the beach, dear…..looking fine in your bikini w/ your little body & your big boobs! 🙂

  3. Hee, I can’t believe I thought, “Zoot’s going on vacation? Man, that sucks that there won’t be any new content to read until she’s back.” If you blogged your labour, of course you’re gonig to blog your vacation!!! Duh!

  4. Let us know about Alligator Point. I grew up going there and loved it. The beach has a ton of sand bars to explore when the tide goes out. You used to be able to find sand dollars by just digging in the wet sand with your toes. Are you renting a house?

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