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Hindsight is 20/20

LilZ’s summer camp gave the parents an email address we can use to email our kids this week. It obviously belongs to someone as it’s equivalent to or something like that. I guess Cindy is just offering her email up to the parents and will print them up and hand them out as needed.

Because I’m that mom, I have already mailed him three cards and I sent him an email yesterday as well as this morning. Of course this morning? I wrote to him about his sister pooping on the floor at daycare yesterday. I thought he’d get a kick out of the story (since he’s an 11-year old boy and they love poop stories) and I’m also short of material to write to him about since our lives are kinda boring without him here. So, the poop story it was.

Of course, just a few minutes ago it occurred to me that Cindy may not be that impressed with the poop story. Other things I probably should not write to him about this week while he’s at a church sponsored summer camp?

  • The stinky farts my chili created this weekend.
  • Gambling and my addiction to it.
  • Stripping and my job doing it.
  • How I encouraged the dogs to clean up their own vomit.
  • The kitty litter and how bad it needs changing.
  • The giant spider I found in his shower and how I was too chicken to kill it so I just left it there, hoping it will go away.
  • All of the different kinds of beer we drank this weekend and how longed I blacked out for.
  • Crack.

8 thoughts on “Hindsight is 20/20”

  1. That’s pretty awesome that with all of your diet and excercise you have been able take up a new job stripping. You might be able to quit your day job after all.

    Also, my cat litter totally needs changing too. Poor kitty.

  2. Don’t forget that secret run-in with Dateline that you had…something about the internet right? Yeah, I wouldn’t mention that.

  3. Not to take over here, but I just thought of another one. I also wouldn’t mention that you were actually writing him from jail b/c the police frowned upon you robbing a Krispy Kreme truck.

  4. What? Are you on crack? Of course Cindy would love those stories! I mean.. maybe Cindy might be on crack and love… oh well, that fell apart. When I went to Church camp I remember getting lovely letters from my mother. In fact, I still have them in my attic.

  5. I just LOVE the posts with crack references. They really remind me why your blog is my most favorite! ;p

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