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My Dad Was So Proud

Once upon a time, I ran in track in high school. (Shut up and stop laughing.) My school was small and the track team was comprised of newbies. We were coached by a teacher who was just fulfilling his obligations to moderate and none of us had a clue how to “train.” At my first meet, which was city-wide, I was to run two races. I ran the first and tried to sprint the whole thing. I would have known NOT to do this if I had a real coach, I’m sure. Since I was slow AND poorly trained, I came in last and felt awful. When it was time to run the second race, I decided to just ease into it and finish and go home since I was so discouraged. Well, rounding the track I thought there was a chance I could beat the girl in front of me and NOT come in last. I lunged over the finish line to beat her and and BAM! tripped/rolled/fell right over the finish line. The stadium moaned a collective, “Ohhh….” as I got up bloody, embarrassed, and still dead last. It was AWESOME.

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  1. First of all, thanks for posting this. 🙂

    Second of all, Mia started running track halfway through the season. She did so well in PE that the teacher talked her into joining. The coaches at her high school didn’t teach her much of anything. They put her in the long races because she was the only one with enough stamina to run the whole way.

    She qualified for the state track meet by coming in 2nd at the district meet. She was slower than all the other girls by almost a minute. Everyone in the school was talking about how bad she was compared to everyone else. Her only goal at state was not to get ‘lapped’. She came in dead last, but managed not to get lapped. In fact, the winner was right on her heels when she passed the finish line and Mia had to sprint to stay ahead of her but she did it!

    When she decided to go out for the USATF sumer track program, she didn’t have a lot of confidence. The coach has been AWESOME! Mia has learned so much and has been training two hours a day all summer. To give you an example, she ran the 3200m in 12:48 in May at the state track meet. This weekend, she ran the 3000m in 11:40. That is a HUGE improvement in a very short time.

    I haven’t had to tell her once to practice. While the other kids drink sodas or eat candy, she sticks to water and healthy food… all this without me telling her a thing. She is incredibly self motivated and tries so hard to succeed.

    Thank you again for your support! It means so much to us.

  2. Aww, thanks for mentioning my little miracle here. 🙂 And I’m a little tickled that you were thinking of us. So, thanks!

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