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Infant anxiety

NikkiZ has been a bit “ornery” lately. That’s the new word MrZ and I use to describe her foul mood. For the record? I don’t think either of us EVER used that word until NikkiZ came around. Now? We utter it like 20 times a day. It’s the most polite way we can describe the mood she’s in when she starts to resemble less cute toddler and more spawn of Satan. She bit the shit out of my shoulder this afternoon when I had the NERVE to talk to MrZ for a minute before giving her the boob. Heaven forbid I do anything other than feed her when she’s hungry, dammit.

But really? She deserves to be “ornery” since she’s cutting tooth #5 and #6 at the same time. I can see them both right below the skin on either side of her two top teeth. She hasn’t even been fighting the nightly dose of Tylenol too much because she knows it makes her feel better. I feel bad for her, especially since it appears from the size of her top two teeth that she is bypassing the “baby teeth” stage and just growing her adult teeth right off the bat.

(No, she’s not really, but those teeth are HUGE, can you blame us for wondering?)

She’s also consistently eating solids so her poops require much more effort than they used to (knowing the daycare teachers have to deal with that everyday instead of us? Makes the tuition totally worth it) and that’s causing her grief as well.

It’s a hard life, being an infant. It’s not all boob-juice and nursery rhymes, you know.

6 thoughts on “Infant anxiety”

  1. Heck, life isn’t all beer and internet….which is also sad.

    Love the pics from the earlier post too.

  2. LOL! I have a son that got his baby teeth sized as adult teeth too. Wait until you see the perm. teeth. You will be glad she is no longer breast feeding.

  3. I love your cute lil baby. She’s just yummy. Send her over here to play. (When I was a kid I thought “ornery” was misspelled in all the places I read it — “Dang! They spelled it wrong again?” — cuz my family (my mom’s from Arkansas) says “onry.” Which we all know is the correct pronounciation. Also thought termite was pronounced “tern-a-mite.” I love my family.)

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