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There was a parade at NikkiZ’s school today and they let her and another baby in her class be “grand marshals” because they looked so cute in their red, white, and blue outfits. They put them in a double stroller adorned with streamers and had them lead the rest of the kids in their parade. It was so damn adorable I kinda teared up in pride. It was cheesy and ridiculous but totally awesome all at the same time.

It’s a good thing I didn’t buy the American flag bikini I saw at Old Navy and put her in that, or the cuteness she emitted would have killed the entire crowd. As it was? There were only a few casualties.

5 thoughts on “Parade!”

  1. oh. my..the cuteness! *gag*

    I died.

    (How do you live with that cuteness EVERY DAY?!)

    BTW did you ever think when you were younger that you would get SO emotional at a kiddie parade?!

  2. so, now that i have a fairly adequate blog (well, at least the beginnings of one!), i figured i’d delurk and say:

    NikkiZ is the queen of gorgeous babys! My son is the king. They should get married!

    I absolutely love your blog. It is a part of each of my days. 🙂


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