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The most exhausting weekend ever in the history of weekends

Today? We went to the botanical gardens to check out the new butterfly exhibit we had been hearing about. Unfortunately, we got there two hours before they were supposed to open, so we had a wee bit of time to kill. We went to a shopping center on that side of town and hit the tent sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods. (Hee. I’m 12 and still giggle whenever I say that.) We got us some camoflauge for our next hunting trip.

No, we didn’t. But if we needed camo? Or books about preserving dear heads after a kill? We’d have been good to go.

We made it to the gardens right as they were opening and headed straight for the new exhibits. We walked around quite a while, NikkiZ loving her ride in the backpack the entire time. We took a lot of pictures (I’ll try to get some more uploaded to Flickr tomorrow) and saw a lot of butterflies. It was a great trip. The new stuff is AWESOME and I can’t wait to go back and get a better look some day when we’re NOT trying to beat the storms.

8 thoughts on “The most exhausting weekend ever in the history of weekends”

  1. Wow, LilZ and NIkkiZ really look so much alike! You can see such a resemblence in that picture! Really cute kids you have there!

  2. Is this the wrong time to tell you my four month old ways 15 pounds….I”m so much more buff than you.

    Watch out for these guns baby.

  3. sounds like a womderful weekend! LilZ is growing up fast, eh? Loved the Target pics, our Target is nothing like that 🙂

  4. I went to California last week, and though they didn’t have a SuperTarget where I was, I did go to Target, and thought of you as I bought sunscreen and shaving cream. 😉

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