Adventures, Thing 2


I’ve been looking for a backpack for NikkiZ since she has grown out of her front carrier. I had an LLBeam one with LilZ, but it was purchased by his Dad’s Mom and I think she found someone a long time ago who could put it to good use. It was a wee bulky and LilZ would get SO HOT in it because he would be right up against my back. I had found a Kelty one I liked at Alabama Outdoor and decided today to go grab it.

We decided to test it out with a walk downtown around the square, the only problem? I didn’t really know how to get there.

I know, I’m an idiot who has lived in a town for five years and still doesn’t know her way to or around downtown. I parked near a park downtown that I’m vaguely familiar with. We walked THROUGH the park and over 6-8 blocks or so and then BAM! I saw the courthouse which is at the center of the square. I was so DAMN proud of myself. Until we made our way around the square and I realized that one leg of the square? Was about a block from our car. I’m AN IDIOT.

Our downtown area is kinda neat as Michelle documented several days ago during the Art stroll they had around the square that I totally missed. I decided to take the opportunity to photograph some cool stuff too. We had a really nice time, just me and my kids, strolling and looking for interesting things to photograph. Nikki wasn’t much of a help seeing as how she can’t talk yet, but she sure did love her ride in the backpack as she kept excitedly screaming and kicking me in the back.

All in all? The backpack was great. There is plenty of space between us so neither one of us get too hot, but the back is sturdy and relatively streamline. It has a nice kick-stand to make putting it on and taking it off pretty easy because it stands up on its own. It was well worth the money.

5 thoughts on “Strollin’”

  1. Awesome! Glad you got out with the rugrats today, although it was as hot as Satan’s armpits out there.

    I’m sure things have come along way since the backpack we had for Aidan, which practically required a PhD in physics to operate, put on, and remove.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon. 🙂

    When my son was a baby we got a backback/stroller that my husband thought was way too cool. We still have it and hope to use it this time. It’s a backpack, that can turn into a stroller. And vice versa. Ingenious.

  3. Ha. HAHAHA. You said “LL Beam”, when it’s supposed to be “LL Bean”. Need *something* to wash those Krispy Kremes down with, right? 😉

  4. We LOVE our Kelty backpack and can’t wait to use it with our second daughter. I hope you enjoy yours with NikkiZ.

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