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Doors are cool

If you’ll recall, MrZ created his own “Summer ’06 To-Do List from Hell” after an all-day excursion to Home Depot.

(For the record? He, his brother, and his Dad spent like three hours there last night. It’s obviously a genetic trait.)

Well, the first thing is ALMOST ready to be crossed off the list. MrZ still wants to add some quarter-round (don’t I sound fancy with my Home Depot lingo) to a gap on the inside of the storm door frame, and I still want him to MOVE THE DAMN SCREEN OUT OF THE ENTRANCE-WAY ALREADY (hint, hint…) but for the most part? The storm-door is installed and can be crossed off the list. It was something that needed to be done in time for the season. Of course, when we stand outside and look at them on the inside? Sometimes torturing them by talking to them and teasing them? They think that is just EEEEVil and have politely requested we stop that shit or shoes will be pooped in and couches will be slashed.

So, Yay! for MrZ. He has done a few pieces of a few other projects, but I refuse to do a play-by-play (no matter how much he asks me to) and would much rather post “After” pictures when projects are completely done. It is much easier for me to ignore chaos and mounds of supplies when I don’t openly acknowledge started projects. I prefer to live in denial. MrZ actually supports this because it minimizes the nagging and he’ll do just about anything to not to be followed around by me saying, “When are you going to do that, or finish that and why is that still there and…”

You get the point: Wife’s denial of progress until projects are completed = No nagging husband about timeline of those projects. It works for us.

4 thoughts on “Doors are cool”

  1. We recently did a bunch of remodeling around the house and he would start a project and move to another and another one. I am one that wants to stay on one project till it is done, then move to the next one. We eventually did get them all done and it looks great now.

    Oh, on another subject, what did NikkiZ’s doctor say about the rash?

  2. We just got a storm door this spring too – I thought I’d put the screen in, but I’m really liking having the door open & letting the light in with the A/C on.
    We, however, had a deal at the Home Depot where if you bought a certain kind of door they installed it for $59. Mr. Motorcycle is super handy and could’ve done it, but I made the executive decision to have HD do it so I could put Mr. M on other projects – sneaky that way.
    Mr. Z did a great job!

  3. In Mr. Z’s defense, it can take 3 hours to go buy a light bulb at Home Depot. To buy a storm door and stuff for other projects- well, a day-long excursion sounds about right.

    I’m just saying.

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