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Father’s Day

He raised my brother and I on his own in a time where “single parents” were a new concept while “Men surviving the teenage years of a daughter alone” was something from an urban legend. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about at least one thing he taught or told me. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t realize that I would lose my effing mind if I had to raise two kids alone. So, today is no different than any other day, I’m just sharing my good fortune with you guys. I have a brilliantly awesome Dad. Happy Father’s Day to him.

MrZ – you’ve proven yourself as an excellent Step-Dad over the last several years, but this chance you’ve gotten to test out your mad father skillz on a baby girl and you’ve risen to the challenge. You have blown my mind in so many ways by being the best Daddy I could have dreamed of. We are all very lucky to have a man like you in our family and I look forward to what the years bring you and how you grow as a Father. Namely? I’m looking forward to letting you teach the kids how to drive because if I do they’ll never learn how to make a left turn.

I love you! Happy Father’s Day.

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day”

  1. My dad raised me on his own too. He was a brave, brave man because those teenage years were a bitch.

    There are men who are dads, and then there are FATHERS. God bless those fathers – where would we be without them?

  2. That is some NICE hair in that top photo! Takes me back to an earlier decade…let’s see…1976?

  3. Dude, was it like mandatory for all dads to have fros back in he 70’s?

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