Date Night

Since LilZ was with his Dad today, I offered to take MrZ out to dinner, kinda for Father’s Day, and to give us an excuse to leave NikkiZ at his parents’ – which they love. We spent most of the day running errands and got back about 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave for our date. Somehow, we managed to shower and get fixed up pretty nice in those 30 minutes. I would just like to look at my wet hair in this picture as hard core proof that if the event calls for it, I will bathe once in awhile.

Of course, what you can’t see is the band-aid on my ankle where I sliced an artery shaving and bled all over the damn house before I even noticed. SEXY.

It was our first time going to a Bonefish Grille and it was super yummy. We had Tilapia and Chilean Bass as well as some “Bang Bang Shrimp” to start the meal off with. The ticket, with tip, was 91 dollars and we didn’t even drink anything, so for us? That is a damn fancy meal.

(And I didn’t spill anything on myself! It’s a miracle!)

Signs this place was fancier than we’re used to:
1. It had a real revolving door.
2. There was a wine list. And none of them said “in a box.”
3. The waiter seemed waaay classier than me. We usually eat at places where the waitstaff smells like bongwater. Incense. Sometimes both.
4. The sugar and sweet-n-low for the coffee? Came in weird paper tubes instead of standard packets. What’s up with that?
5. The waiter actually went over the menu for us, and it took like 10 minutes.
6. They served desserts on fire.
7. They boxed our food up for us and put it in a fancy bag. FANCY.
8. They used “pine nuts” in things. What the hell are pine nuts? Pine trees don’t have nuts.
9. Did I mention the revolving door?
10. We managed to spend 91 dollar even without ordering alcohol. That’s WAAAY fancy for us.

When we came back for NikkiZ, she was doing great but felt a little warm. Long story short? We think she’s sick now since she’s running a fever of 102. However, we don’t know what she’s sick from since she showing exactly ZERO other symptoms. She’s sleeping relatively peacefully right now, but I’m still worried about her. Let’s hope she’s not sick for her first Father’s Day. Feel free to let us know of any mystery illnesses that cause fevers and nothing else.

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  1. Poor NikkiZ! I hope she’s feeling much better tomorrow morning.
    As for the dinner? Might have to try that out sometimes [Oh, I so hate seafood, so we never go to places like that. My husband will think he’s died and gone to heaven]

  2. If that fever goes up and then right back down with no other signs, take her in and ask them to check for a UTI and signs of kidney infections. That’s what happened with my niece and now she’s on heavy duty meds for months because they didn’t take her in for weeks.

    And pine nuts, although you probably know this already, are the spiffy seeds that come from the insides of fully mature pine cones, the likes of which rarely show up in my vicinity.

  3. Ok, I have to second the UTI thing. When Coley was 11 months, she had nightly fevers for a week with NO other symptoms. I finally did the neurotic new-mom doctor’s appt., but then I was so glad I did because she had a UTI. She wound up being on prophylactic antibiotics for a year to stave off any future infections and kidney damage. We all know how you feel about antibiotics, but I did think it was kind of cool to toss around the word “prophylactic” concerning my baby daughter. AWESOME.

  4. I babysit a 10 month old during the week. And last week he had a high fever and nothing else – over 103 at times. He was really clingy and tired, but no other symptoms. Anyway, he had Roseola. (check it out on WebMD – I had never heard of it before) Now he’s got the rash, but he’s back to his old self.

    And congrats on the night out – you looked great!

  5. Roseola….I think it’s spelled like that 🙂 If she gets a rash all over her body once the fever breaks. J had it when she was NikkiZ’s age. It isn’t anything serious. My doctor told me the rash didn’t itch but J seemed to itch all over so we did a ton of oatmeal baths and Benedryl Cream.
    J’s fever lasted a few days but she seemed fine otherwise then the rash from hell.

    Good Luck and I hope she feels better soon!

  6. HOL. Y. SHIT. 91 simoleons?!?!?!?! We never even spend that much at like the Jazz Factory or 801 Franklin! WITH wine! And that’s at a place in a flippin’ strip mall?!??!?! What ELSE did you guys order as an appetizer, gold-encrusted beluga caviar? That’s totally crazy. I’m glad you had a nice date night, though. We ordered in Italian Pie, which I took pictures of, natch.

    Hope the little girl feels better soon.

  7. What about roseola (not sure of the spelling). I was once on a trip with a friend of mine and her little boy came down with a fever and that’s what it ended up being. He broke out in a rash a couple of days later and then was fine.

    Hope she feels better soon.

  8. Look at the Zoots all gorwn up and going on a date! Wowza! You both look fantastic – cool hip parents – way to go. Glad you had fun and hope NIkiZ is feeling better.

  9. mmmm…I need to send you some pignoli cookies! They’re covered in pine nuts, taste like almonds (actually the only thing I like that tastes like almonds cause usually I don’t like that) and are oh so good!

  10. I agree with the roseola diagnosis. High fever with no other symptoms…then a rash appears on tummy. It will just go away on it’s on but, I think it’s contagious. Only kids under 3 get it and usually babies.

  11. I loooooove Bonefish Grill. Isn’t it the best? I had a steak there once slathered in this gorgonzola butter…. I’m salivating just thinking of it. Sounds like a nice time you guys had. I saw the comments on Roseola. The Princess had that around NikkiZ’s age. It’s nothing major, if that’s what it is. Her body could just be fighting off whatever infection it is, which would cause the fever – all the work, and it might be successful so she never shows any other symptoms. Hopefully that’s it. Otherwise, maybe some teeth coming in? My girls never fussed with their teeth. They’d have a little fever and/or diarrhea but were never really whiny or anything like that. I never knew that’s what it was until I’d see a new tooth the next day! Hope she’s feeling better.

  12. When Sarah was a baby, she used to spike fevers of up to 104. She’d be just like a rag doll radiating heat. She ended up in Emergency wards a few times, as we could never get her to keep down the Tylenol. She’d chuck it up as fast as it went down. Once we switched to suppositories and could medicate her, we could treat these “mystery” fevers on our own. She NEVER got sick. She would just have a very high fever for a couple of days, but be “fine” for the 4 hours the meds worked. Our Dr. explained to us, that it was her body’s way of fighting off sickness.

  13. Glad you two had a nice time. You look fantastic, BTW! I hope NikkiZ gets better soon! Keep us updated…

  14. I’m not going to even pretend I know what NikkiZ has, but I give her a virtual kiss on the forehead and a cold cloth for her neck. Poor baby.

    Awesome that you guys went out for dinner together and had such a nice time. You never do it, and you deserve it. Happy Father’s Day, MrZ.

  15. You guys look great. I love the Bone fish grille. We have ate there a couple of times. Today the fanciest we go to is Chick-fila.

    Hope the baby is feeling better. Maybe she is just teethng.

  16. I agree with the Roseola..Both of mine had it and with my 1st we spent 2 days at urgent care scared to death! Her fever went up to 104.5 for 7 days straight and no other symptoms. Then as fast as it came it went away and about 24 to 48 hours later she got the rash. Craziest thing EVER! It was no fun but I was prepared when my son got it.

  17. Everything’s showing up underlined for me. And I mean EVERYTHING. It’s probably just me. But if not…

    I had a mystery illness like that, once. Just a fever. I called my mom, and the nurse line my health insurance provides, and they were both stumped because I had no other symptoms. And it just went away on it’s own after maybe a day. Let’s hope it’s the same thing for NikkiZ!

  18. Pine trees do to have nuts, silly. When the pine cones open, down at the bottom there is a little nut. The ones they get nuts from, around here at least, are called pinon (pin-yown) trees. Tasty, huh? Glad you had a nice time.

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