Happy Jacks

This was, in essence, the lobby of Happy Jacks

So, there we were, minding our own damn business coming home from Tuscumbia, Alabama – when our tire blew in the middle of farmland. MrZ went to get the jack out of my trunk to put on the spare when we realized we didn’t have the lug nut wrench, and without that? We didn’t have a way to crank the jack. Where that stuff is? Who the hell knows. It’s just not in my car.

(Yes, I’m a moron.)

So, I called our roadside people who have been wonderful in the past. The first company they connected us to? Was about three towns away and said they were too far to help. The second company? About two towns away and said the same thing. At that point, I needed to speak to a real person with our roadside company, but the message said “Due to call volume, wait time will be at least 15 minutes.” Knowing that we could wait 15 minutes to just find out MORE places who wouldn’t come rescue us (If we needed a tow? They’d be there in a heartbeat, but to help put on a spare? Not worth the money to drive to nowhere to get to us) so we knew we’d need another solution. We didn’t really need to be towed though, we just needed the tire replacing so I decided to leave it and hope that someone would stop and help us.

(Can you guess how frustrated MrZ was with me AND my car at that point? VERY frustrated.)

Just as we were calling my friend ONE town away (but still a good twenty minutes) to bring us HER jack, some guy pulled over in front of us.

(Cue angels singing…now!)

He got out of his truck wearing a beer t-shirt (awesome) and said that he had seen us going the other direction on his way to the liquor store (double awesome). When he saw we were still here he had to stop to make sure we were okay. (Later, MrZ and I agreed that no one would have stopped if I hadn’t taken the stickers of my car recently.) Of course, he had tools in his truck to help us get on the spare. He and MrZ agreed that the spare didn’t look that great, so he was going to follow us up the road to the next (VERY SMALL) town so we could get some air in it.

As we entered Town Creek, AL (population VERY FEW) – we passed a tire place called “Happy Jacks” that was obviously open. We told our escort we were going to stop there and that’s what we did. MrZ went in and told them what the problem was and they said they could fix the tire if it was fixable, or put us on a new (used) one to get us home – BUT – they didn’t take credit cards.

Of course not.

So, we had to leave Happy Jacks (we left our tire to prove we’d come back) and headed to Carl’s Big Star Mart and found an ATM where we could get some cash. We headed BACK to Happy Jacks where they were finishing up the truck that was there before us. I over heard MrZ bonding with the tire guys by insulting me and my lack of preparation, “It’s the wife’s car, so you never know…” I allowed this for two reasons 1) It’s true and 2) It was cute watching my city boy husband trying to bond with the country boy mechanics by finding the one thing they could probably all commiserate on: Wives, their Negligent Car Care, and the Resulting Problems to be Fixed by the Husband.

About 30 minutes later? We were on the road back home, and hour and a half late for my brother-in-law’s birthday dinner. BUT – ut with a new (used) tire instead of a (flat) spare.

So, if you ever need tire work in Town Creek, Alabama? Go to Happy Jacks. But bring cash.

4 thoughts on “Happy Jacks”

  1. I can’t believe you were at Happy Jacks! Yes, I actually know where that place is. (Jonathan’s mom lives in Tuscumbia on the way to Town Creek – you probably passed her house on 72 by the Texaco Truck Stop.) Too bad you weren’t going to Mississippi – then you’d have been stuck in Cherokee and you could have gone and seen the Coon Dog Cemetary. Good times I tell ya…good times.

  2. I have to wonder what the stickers were that you took off your car. 🙂 I’ve often wondered that if we were in more rural sections of the country if anyone would stop to help us due to our van and it’s stickers. California? No problem. Elko, Nevada? Maybe not. 🙂

  3. I live in a town of 500 and everyone bends over backwards for you….sometimes just to get into your business, but it is worth it!
    PS Have you seen the movie Wolf Creek? Because the first portion of the post was freaking me out!

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