Mother Of A Theater Kid, Thing 1


I just got back from the last session of one of LilZ’ drama classes at the local kids theater. He’s been taking an improv class all this week and today the parents were invited to view the final class to see what they had learned. First of all? I’m amazed that LilZ was able to do half of the excercises. He’s not really “shy” in the conventional sense, but he’s hesitant around strangers. He did a great job and there’s no way I would have perfomed ANYTHING, much less IMPROV at that age. You could tell he was nervous, but he did FANTASTIC.

The kids were all braver than their accompanying parents. When the teacher asked for volunteers from the adults for one performance? NO ONE volunteered. NO ONE. So, yeah – we were all ashamed that our kids were braver than we were. I secretly wanted the teacher to grab MrZ and force him to perform because my husband is HILARIOUS – but he hides it so that only a few people get to enjoy his humor. Oh well, more for me.

But – there were three girls in particular who were VERY talented. However, I’m not sure they had “off” buttons. They all spoke outside of class with the same dramatic flair as when they were on stage. It was very odd and I’m not sure what it would have been like to live in a house with 12-year-old girls like that. This is one conversation I overheard; word for word.

Girl 1: Oh my god. Those shoes are adorable, where did you get them?
Girl 2: At this little boutique when we were in New York…

First of all? The shoes were adorable and very stylish. As were all three girls’ outfits and handbags. But, what 12-year-old girl buys shoes at a boutique in New York? I felt suddenly outclassed by a girl in a training bra. I started feeling very self-conscious about what I was wearing and the fact that I didn’t shower this morning so my hair was kinda frizzy and in a messy bun.

Luckily the class started before I started having an insecurity induced anxiety attack.

10 thoughts on “Outclassed”

  1. Every time I walk into my son’s 7th grade class I am reminded of how glad I am that I have boys. Girls? They scare me.

  2. GOD, those classes were so much fun in high school!!! Would that I could go back in time just to do those improv exercises again. And let me tell you from firsthand experience, those classes will help him build confidence and charisma and help him think on his feet. Which will help carry him WHEREVER he goes.

    But you’re one of the coolest moms on the planet so you probably already knew that. 😉

  3. A resounding Pshh! and elaborate eye roll to those snooty little tarts. I’m only really interested or impressed if people name-drop the a) thrift store or b) extreme clearance sale where they got their clothes. Otherwise, it’s all stupid, consumerist nonsense.

    Oh yeah, and yay! that the class wasn’t cancelled on him!

  4. I so wish my mom had put me in some drama classes when I was LilZ’s age!! You are gonna have a super star your hands!! 🙂

  5. Heh. How do you think I felt when I was a teacher’s aide in the poorest school in town and the 6th graders on free lunches used to wear more fashionable clothes than I did? And then tell me how I didn’t know how to dress…. I hated that job. And those kids.

  6. My younger sister went on a class trip to Europe, and so she adores when people ask her where she got a particular handbag or earrings, so that she can answer, “Oh, this cute little shop in Paris.” or “At Harrod’s, actually.” heh. So I’m outclassed by my little sister!!

  7. That is AWESOME that LilZ is doing that drama class thingie. Speaking in public is such an under-rated skill and anything that he can do to enhance that skill and overcome the fright is great. I am not afraid to speak in public AT ALL and am very grateful for it because it has been very helpful to me in many situations. Although, the people having to be exposed to my obnoxious opinions may not think so. Bah on them.

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