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Monitor patrol

Well, NikkiZ is in her crib right now. Sleeping. MrZ was not able to feed her a bottle, she just wouldn’t take it from him. So, I nursed her while rocking (instead of while in bed) and then laid her in her crib. I am watching/listening to the baby monitor for any sign of her waking. The unfortunate thing? Her room is next to the laundry room where I have laundry being dried. When I first heard the sounds of LilZ’s cargo shorts bouncing around the dryer? I rushed into NikkiZ room where I had become convinced in 2.3 seconds that she was shaking the sides of her crib and it was about to collapse into a pile of death and rubble.

Nope. Still sleeping. Just buckles on shorts in a dryer.

It’s like having a newborn all over again. I keep having to check on her to make sure she’s still alive. I’m starting to second guess the height of the crib since she’s recently started pulling up. Is it low enough to keep her from flipping herself over the side? What about the bumper pads, is she too young for them? But if they arent there and she sleep-crawls, she could hurt her head without them. Is she warm enough? Is it okay I gave her a blanket? Will she contract the bird flue while unprotected in her room? What about teen pregnancy, should I have the talk with her? Does she understand to say “no” to drugs? HOW AM I GOING TO AFFORD COLLEGE FOR HER?

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  1. LOL I know those feeling TOO well! Hang strong Zoot! You guys can do it, and the next thing you know NikkiZ will need a big girl bed and maybe you’ll have another little Zoot to put in the crib!

  2. I so, so, so don’t want to be *that woman* who offers assvice, but…

    If NikkiZ is pulling up, she may be too *old* for bumper pads. They can possibly be used as steps or she could tangle her feet in them. (i used to work at one of those ubiquitous baby superstores and this is what we told parents.) It would be better for her to bump her head while crawling than for her to fall from a standing position and not be able to release her feet.

    My son still likes to sleep with the dryer, fan, or air conditioner on. You may find that the white noise of the dryer masks other sounds. As long as it doesn’t have a loud-ass buzzer when it finishes a cycle and as long as you are not as dumb as I am and forget to turn it off before said buzzer wakes the baby back up.

  3. i can SO SO relate!!! i got so much less sleep and turned into a super paranoid mommy when bailey started sleeping in her own room, in her own crib. but, after a few days/weeks (i don’t remember, ALREADY), we were all adjusted and everything was fine. also, i cherish my video monitor!!! i moaned and wimpered to anyone who would listen about how much i hated traveling up and down the stairs at night only to WAKE HER UP (insert high-pitched scream) when entering the room and my sweet dad was kind enough to feel sorry for me and buy me my awesome video monitor. it was expensive and i had a hard time justifying the price, but since it was a gift, well, what can i say but SWEEEEEEEET! it’s by summer if you want to check it out.
    good luck and hang in there!!!
    oh, also, we still have the bumper in bailey’s crib, but it’s the flat kind that just squishes down to practically nothing when she steps on it. and she already had a mystery bruise on her eyebrow from some crib cruisin’.
    ahhh, this is so long, sorry 🙂

  4. Did NikkiZ sleep all night in her crib? How did everything go last night for you sleeping in your bed? Hope everthing went well…..

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