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Cracking me up

LilZ has really developed a fantastic sense of humor as he gets older. There are times when I know I shouldn’t laugh (usually because he’s being a smart-ass) but it is REALLY difficult. I have to put on my serious face, hide the grin, and say, “Where I appreciate the wit you just demonstrated, being a smart-ass is not allowed…yet.”

Yesterday – he had two good lines that did not require disciplinary action:

Me: How was the first day at daycamp?
Him: (eyeroll) The made us dance to Jesus songs.


Me: Will you get the cokes and gatorade out of my trunk?
Him: Yeah, but what do you want me to do with the body?


Hee. My family ROCKS.

14 thoughts on “Cracking me up”

  1. I love that you’re an early bird because I get to read one more updated post before my day ends at 6a.m. You rock Zoot!

    My kids also say the funniest stuff, but it sucks when I can’t just laugh because I’m the “adult”. You said it best, and I will use what you said “While I appreciate the wit you deomonstrated…”

  2. “the body” that is hysterical, obviously he is going to make someone a good husband one day…humor will take you far!

  3. You have achieved an incredible thing. Your son is very cool and shares your sense of humor. And he doesn’t hate you, at least not that I can tell. GO YOU!!!

    I would like any and all tips so I can hope for the same outcome with my precious cherub (he’s 1, so there’s still time!).

  4. I thought the first one was hilarious. LOL at the body joke. My sister and I recently went to a store and saw they were selling those chest freezers cheap. My first thought was this thing could fit a body in it… she decided it would fit 2. When my friend bought a car we looked in all of the trunks to see how many bodies they would all hold.

  5. He is a hoot Zoot!

    I have one of those too. A boy about the same age.

    Cracks me up the things that run through his mind and out of his mouth!

    Must be a phase or an inherited genetic thingy….YOU are one of the funniest people I (don’t) know!!!

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