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Danger Zone

Do you see the scab under NikkiZ’s eye? That would be a scratch from my toenail. Do you know the logistics involved for an incident like that? She was crawling in one direction, lunging kinda quickly, while I was walking in another direction. And I swear, I don’t have like razor toenails or anything, they’re girly toenails! They’re painted! They’re not weapons.

It will be a miracle if she makes it to her first birthday, at the rate I’m going with her. And let’s not talk about the head-BONK from the park on Saturday. The one that made her do that face-gets-red-mouth-open-no-sound thing BEFORE the screaming started. That’s how you know it’s a painful boo-boo, when they do the still-life scream for a few seconds first, just getting redder and redder and redder until you’re all “BREATHE!”

And then she screamed for 15 minutes.

So, when I saw the above t-shirt this weekend? I had to get it for her. Especially since I knew LilZ already had one he had bought for himself a while ago. And of course, I had to take pictures. SEVERAL of them. So many LilZ, who loved the idea when I came home with her tiny version, was like, “Yeah – this matching shirt thing? Not so cool if you’re going to make us pose for an hour for pictures when we wear them.”

I guess a more appropriate shirt would say, “Since my mom is a Grade-A Klutz, I am forced to do all my own stunts and probably should just be wearing a helmet at all times, to be on the safe side.” But, I don’t think that would have fit on a shirt.

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  1. Those two are so adorable! It’s easy to tell that they are wild about each other. Such beautiful children you have there, Miss Zoot. The shirts are great!

  2. I just bought that shirt for my brother on his 18th birthday. But his “stunts” will have more to do with his upcoming activities as a college freshmen and less to do with my mom attacking him with her foot. 🙂

    Adorable kids.

  3. At least in our family, a wound administered by toenail is referred to as a “Fu Manchu.” As in, “You Fu Manchu’d the hell out of my ankle last night! Why don’t you clip your damn toenails, you Howard Hughes mother (*&^&*&^&*^*&er! Are you trying to get in the Guinness Book of World Records or something?”

    Note: that’s usually my husband talking to me.

    P.S. Cute kids, cute shirts!

  4. omg
    When Kenzie was 1, she had a new bump, bruise or scratch

    She fell once trying to pick up a basketball out on the gravel and had a horrible bruise/scrape on her forehead.

    She started walking at 10 months but climbed before that even.

    She will grow out of it!
    I promise.

  5. Ouch! I understand about the still-life, horrifying pre-scream stab to the heart. Lucy did that for about 10 seconds after getting her 2 month shots.

    Then…scream and scream and scream.

    (the matching shirts totally make up for the boo-boos, tho. What great smiles your kids have!)


  6. NikkiZ looks totally mesmorized by lilZ’s hand. It’s a great picture. And about the eye thing and the head thing? She’s still alive and kicking and happy. No biggie 🙂

  7. The whole nail thing haunts me too my son was about 2 months old when my clipped close thumb nail removed a half inch length of skin from his face. Oh boy did I cry rather than him crying!
    OH and I should get my son that stunts shirt. Before he was two he broke his femar got out of the cast a week before his second birthday then a week after his birthday he spilt open his head. I bought aflac and he hasn’t injured himself since haha.

  8. You certainly do have two beautiful children. And it’s easy to tell they adore each other. Love the shirts.

  9. Uhh, they’re so damn cute. She’s just so beautiful!!!

  10. Too funny…. I saw a little boy wearing this very same shirt yesterday. I need to find one for my daredevil, Joel. It would be great to wear to his new gymnastics class.

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