Here we go

I did a lot of things yesterday morning. I went to the Super Target and bought a weeks’ worth of groceries (with LilZ’s help). We came home, unloaded those groceries (Why do I keep buying tuna? We already had too much to begin with.), LilZ showered, I fed NikkiZ, and then we went to the used bookstore.

(Not before LilZ’s cash was EATEN by our DOG. Our dog ate MONEY. COLD HARD CASH. I’m still in shock over it. We’ve been finding pieces of bills chewed up around the house all day.)

LilZ bought about 13 books at the bookstore (some with credit from his trade-ins) and then we went to check my mailbox. WHICH WAS CLOSED for the damn holiday weekend. I swear, Mail Boxes Etc. would be the best store to work for because they have the easiest schedule EVER. Damn them. (This also means I still didn’t get to mail my brother’s birthday gift. It will be a Christmas present by the time he gets it.) We then went to Hobby Lobby (the new one!) and then walked from there to Barnes and Noble. LilZ spent the rest of the cash (I reimbursed him) on MORE books and we headed home.

Okay. Now – do you see what all we did? Do you know where MrZ was during all of this? HOME DEPOT.

Do you know what happens when you run a deal with 12 months no financing at a home repair store? And you mix that with a guy with a credit card from that store. A credit card with nothing on it. And then you add in a house in need of repainting? You get my husband spending FOUR HOURS (I am not exaggerating at all, as a matter of fact? I may be leaving off 30 minutes or so) at the damn store and coming how with all of this crap. He says if we didn’t have to be somewhere at 1:30? He would have stayed a little bit longer and bought a little bit more.

I told him that if I had gone with him? We would have been divorced by the time the trip was over. AND I WASNT LYING. I hate Home Depot on Saturdays almost as much as I hate Wal-Mart. The crowds? Are the type of crowds that drive normal citizens to murder. Especially in the summer when everyone decides they want to do something to better their homes. I hate that place. HATE.

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  1. Chris once spent an entire day there. He bought everything we needed for our house. Floors, bathtub, tiles. GAH it was SOOO much money. I would’ve killed my self in front of one of those fork lifts.
    He has 2 hour drive to get to a home depot now and it makes me smile a little

  2. I’m confused about why all the wood if he is repainting.

    I do understand how he could spend 4 hours there. I couldn’t sleep for nights when I received a contractors only invite to the opening of the new Home Depot an hour away from me.

  3. Ugh.. that store REEKS of testosterone and scratching farting men.. Well, at least the one in NJ does..

  4. I can tolerate walmart better than home depot, maybe b/c we don’t have a target but I absolutely get crazy when we go in home depot..Wayne can stay all damn day in there

  5. For a woman I actually really enjoy HD and Lowes, but I main look at appliances and kitchen designs. heh

  6. I hear you. I’ve been there TWICE already this weekend, plus once to Lowes. I don’t mind looking at the plants or something mildly interesting but this was for electrical stuff which is like driving nails into my brain. Next weekend? I swear we’re going to Babies R Us to even it out. 😉

  7. My sweet husband and went to Costco the other day…I HATE IT! I hate everything about it, we really don’t even buy anything there, because we don’t needs a 2 year supply of olive oil or 65 pounds of fresh salmon. When we do go to Home Depot it’s when it first opens and then it’s in and out. Nice post!

  8. How can you HATE Home Depot?! I can go into that place and get lost for HOURS. Add a HD credit card onto it? They’ll have to twine me up to one of those lumber cart things and push me into the parking lot so they can close at the end of the night. Tell MrZ I totally sympathize, lol

  9. I would have certainly killed him not over being gone for so long or buying the stuf but getting a damn credit card! As long as you are ok with it thens its fine of course but it sounds like he did it without asking you first. Bad boy!!!

  10. MrZoot’s to do list:

    – Replace all rotten wood trim on the house including window trim
    – Rebuild the front porch railing
    – Install a storm door in the front
    – Rip out siding from screened in porch & replace it w/ pine sheets… use the siding from screened in porch to repair bad spots in the siding on the rear of the house
    – Build a dog door into the back wall of the porch & create a mulch-filled planter box on the outside of the wall, so the dogs don’t break their legs from the drop-off. Rescreen the porch and door (which the dogs shredded for us, hence the need for their own door)
    – Replace rotten wood on garage door and re-trim
    – Last but not least… Paint the house

  11. this is wood, what does it have to do with painting? i expected to see a pile of drop cloths, brushes, gallon buckets and tape? but this? this is building supplies…are you SURE he is telling you the right story?

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