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More milestones.

Last night, NikkiZ was trying VERY unsuccessfully to pull herself up on the chairs at the table. It wasn’t that she couldn’t do it, it’s just that the chairs did not have places to grab at the right heights. She would keep bumping her head on the chair part and this confused her very much. She tried crawling UNDER the chair at one point by going OVER one of the horizontal bars. It was all very entertaining to watch because the look of determination in her eyes, the urge to just GO, was so fascinating. She is growing up so fast and I’m really loving it. I always miss the things that have passed, but I have 11 years worth of proof in LilZ that there are so many wonders to come, I get excited with every step forward.

(Speaking of the my firstborn – HE’S COMING HOME FROM HIS EXTENDED STAY IN GEORGIA WITH HIS DAD TONIGHT. Thank the Lord God Of All That Keeps Me Sane. AMEN.)

(Also, NikkiZ only woke up TWICE last night, so let’s also thank the Lord God Of All That Keeps Me Sane for that, too. Amen.)

(And while we’re stuck in the parentheticals – I also dyed my hair last night. EEK.)


9 thoughts on “More milestones.”

  1. Yes! Must have pictures of the new haircolor!

    Some of my earliest memories were of using kitchen chairs like monkey bars and drawing underneath the dining room table in permanent marker. Which was kind of funny, because I didn’t get in trouble for it until years later, when we moved. And then it was like, “Oh well.”

  2. Ewww, ewwwww. Do we have a picture of this new hair color yet? It could be blue and it would look marvelous on you Zoot! Have agreat weekend and a happy Memorial Day!!!!

  3. NikkiZ is too cute. I can’t wait for my little one to start crawling and moving around. We’re starting to master sitting up. yeah

  4. Did you mean ‘EEK’ in a good or bad way? NikkiZ is just too damn cute. I can’t wait for one of these!

  5. She couldn’t be any more beautiful!!!

    And I want pix…..NOW!!!

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