Happy Birthday, Fatty.

My brother does not want his picture on my site, something about his professional life and not wanting the people he works with to know about his sister’s issues with boobsweat. Note from 2020: He’s active online now and doesn’t care so I’m coming back in to add a picture we took a few months before I wrote this entry.

He is my younger brother, but he grew taller than me when he was in about 7th grade. He is now almost a whole foot taller, and in a whole lot better shape, what with the triathlons and all. He’s always had a good sense of style, not counting the time I made him wear purple and black MC Hammer pants. He tried to grow his hair out long, at one point, but the longer it got? The wider it became (damn paternal big-hair genes) and he finally gave up and has kept it short ever since.

He ran an Iron Man type race this year. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run and he finished it in under 14 hours. 14 hours of non-stop physical exertion. I don’t think I’ve done 14 hours of physical exertion total in my whole life, much less in one day. He runs 5Ks on a whim. FOR FUN. HE IS BATSHIT CRAZY.

He is incredibly successful in his job. He owns his own house and has lived in six different cities since he graduated from High School only 10 years ago. He also left his life in Seattle, WA to live with us and help take care of my Mom when she was recovering from an aneurysm in 2002. Sometimes I look at his life and feel like he must be getting more time than the rest of us, because he seems to have accomplished way more in 10 years than I could in my entire life. Of course, he doesn’t watch TV hardly at all, so that probably helps.

My brother can make me laugh so hard, it hurts. He has got a brilliant since of humor that not everybody appreciates. My favorite story to tell, is how he hung up a banner that said, “Welcome Home Fat Girl” for me when I came home from my first semester of college. I hope that one day? I can return the favor somehow. Like maybe a banner that says “Way to go, FAT ASS” at his wedding? Eh – we’ll see.

Happy Birthday to my brother. I wish I were more like you in many ways. Just without the hammer pants.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Fatty.”

  1. Wow – I would have a major complex with a sibling like that! Props to him for being such a go getter. Makes me tired just reading about him…think I’ll go take a nap.

  2. Thanks Z!!

    You know that I would take a family like yours over anything in my bag any day of the week. Your the best sis a bro could ask for!


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