Adulting, Thing 1

Where was I?

Sorry I disappeared! I went to a graduation luncheon for LilZ and OH MY GOD – I had a heart attack when I walked in. It was divided, parents on one set of tables and kids on the other. NO! Don’t make me sit with the grown-ups! I found a seat and was very uncomfortable being surrouded by adults I didn’t know. I know a few of the Moms in LilZ’s class, and I chat them up fine one-on-one, but surrounded by other parents? Without tattoos? Who are talking about Sunday School? I get really uncomfortable and I really wanted to sit at the kids table. Seriously. And I would have if I thought LilZ would have ever forgiven me for subjecting him to that humiliation.

Of course, I had NikkiZ to be a distraction, so that was fine for a few minutes. Until LilZ took her! Can you believe that? He left me at the grown-up table with no protection. I just kinda sat there fumbling with my menu and wishing I had worn makeup and maybe put on a shirt that matched my pants.

It ended up being a fine experience. I chatted with the Moms I did know and the other Moms (and Dads) near me introduced themselves. They were all very nice people and it’s not their fault that LilZ’s Mom is a total freak-a-zoid.

LilZ and I spent the rest of the afternoon together, running errands and shopping a wee bit. We had a bit of clothing money for the kids I wanted to go ahead and spend it before the Hobby Lobby opens on Monday so I am not tempted to spend it on pretty papers and picture frames. It was a good afternoon together and it totally made my social nightmare from lunch not seem so disastrous.

Note from 2020: I was so snarky back then, mocking something I wouldn’t have a name for until I started going to therapy years later: SOCIAL ANXIETY. I feel bad for Kim who thought she was a freak for so long…little did she know that EVERYONE struggles with social anxieties!

5 thoughts on “Where was I?”

  1. ohh Zoot. I hear you. I hate having to socialize with other parents.
    I feel like SUCH a loser….dumdee dum dum…over here…lalalalalala…..

  2. You are in SUCH big trouble for BlogHer. 😉 But then, so am I because I just totally understood everything you said and felt about that luncheon. *gulp*

  3. I do a lot better with kids than adults. Why don’t they have classes for socializing with people your own age? I could use one.

  4. You should have stuck to LilZ like glue, fussing over him and spit-washing him in front of his friends.

    Kid needs punishment for growing up so fast, yo.

  5. I am just like you. Every other adult sounds SO intelligent that I am afraid to open my mouth in case some god awful demon pops out. I am just so afraid my awkwardness will reflect on my children. Thank goodness they seem totally social and do not show the strange tendancies of their MOTHER.

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