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My first incident report

An administrator at NikkiZ’s office called me today at work. She was alerting me to an “incident” from earlier when NikkiZ fell out of her bouncy seat and hit her head on the floor. I see the woman who called several times a day, but she was oddly professional and all “Mrs. LastName” to me instead of, “Hey – Zoot…” like she would normally have spoken to me. I wasn’t really concerned since those bouncy seats are close to the ground, but it was all very weird. I even ended up having to sign a carbon copy of the paperwork that spelled out the incident. I guess it feels good knowing they have such protocols, but I’m very comfortable around the staff since I nurse NikkiZ around them several times a day, and the formality of it all seemed very off, in some way.

Either way – when one of the other parents heard us discussing it – she mentioned that she had to sign her first “Incident Report” when NikkiZ scratched her daughter. Can you believe that? NikkiZ! The troublemaker.

It was definitely an interesting afternoon.

5 thoughts on “My first incident report”

  1. My daughter tripped on a rock or the ground or her feet or something last fall at school. I had to sign an incident report too. Okay then, thanks for telling me she is clumsy, I’ll write that down – oh wait, you already did. Thanks then.

    Those are funny.

  2. I think I would have been nervous to hear Chloe’s caregiver addressing me all formally all of a sudden.

    Just wait til she bites someone!!!!

  3. I remember the brief shining moment H was in daycare and they called to tell me about an “incident” in which another baby had bit him. I remember the whole carbon copy signing thingie too. Yowzers!

  4. I know that friends of mine who have their babies in daycare are also weirded out by the formality of the “incident report”.

    Blame the lawyers! 🙂

  5. The paperwork we have to fill out at school now for any kind of scratch or bump, is ANNOYING as hell!! I imagine we can thank the lawyers at 1-800-SUE-YOURASS for insighting this craziness!

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