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Good side. Bad side.

NikkiZ’s daycare has turned out to be the one working mother’s dreams are made of. Now that the administration has settled into position and the teachers are where they belong, we have been really happy there. I love the teachers like they’re family and they love NikkiZ like she’s their family. And today, y’all? Today they gave me a Mother’s day card. FROM NIKKIZ. How cute is that? It had a cute poem in it (that may have made me cry, I’ll never tell) along with a picture of her and I together. And, they also had muffins and juice for me. I would have preferred Krispy Kreme, of course, but I’ll take any breakfast pastry they’re offering. Actually, I’ll take several of them and hide most of them while I walk out of the door holding one in my hand trying to not look obvious I have half a dozen more in my bag.

Now, I didn’t really do that.

Or did I?

However, on the negative side of the spectrum? They’re trying to teach my baby to crawl. Which, yes, that’s the next milestone and they should be helping her make progress in her development. But, they don’t realize that I’m not quite ready for her to be mobile yet. I need another two or three years to prepare for that. They need to stop with the whole, “Come on, NikkiZ – get the toy!” because, you know, my house isn’t really all that safe for the three upright humans who kinda know what they should and should not get into. Much less for a child on all fours who thinks the word “No” means “What you’re doing is AWESOME, please do it more and more and more.”

8 thoughts on “Good side. Bad side.”

  1. : “No” means “What you’re doing is AWESOME, please do it more and more and more.”
    I *love* it – you made my day!!

  2. Maybe you should give them a subtle hint, like slipping a cute, pink pair of mini-shackles into her diaper bag?

    Also, that was a pretty slick muffin-smuggling technique. I’ll have to add that one to my repertoire.

  3. I thought ‘No’ meant “Maybe, if you pout really cute.”

    At least that’s what it means in my house. 😀

  4. Oh, I like the banner. The orange and green does clash a wee bit now, but I’m sure you’ll get it sorted.

  5. My baby has just learned how to roll over. Rather than thinking “yay! that much closer to walking like a big girl” I think “ack! she’s going to roll off the bed/change table/couch.”

    Your Mothers’ Day celebration at baby school sounded very sweet. I think mine will involve a baby with massive snorting congestion resulting in piggy sounds when she breathes, and a toddler with a runny nose rubbing her face in my hair (she seems to have a fetish). Whee!

  6. Ohmigod I am so not ready for Grommet to be mobile either! She’s holding her head up well when she sits up (with us balancing her upright), and she can totally take all her weight on her legs for short periods of time, but, thankfully, has not yet realized that she could probably roll over if she wanted to. She also hasn’t realized that these things called “hands” can DELIBERATELY REACH FOR THINGS either, so if she gets something in her grasp it’s usually by accident. Whew!

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