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Who wants to bet that NikkiZ pukes on me today?

NikkiZ has not thrown-up on me hardly at all the last few weeks. She’s still drooling like a madwoman, but the spit-up has subsided. I even stopped putting bibs on her daily last week. It’s been nice being able to see what she’s wearing instead of a stupid crusty bib.

To commemorate this progress, I started dressing up again this week. Between the milk leakage and the baby vomit, I hadn’t felt inspired to wear nice clothes to work at all since my maternity leave. It’s been obvious too – since my staples are all stained now. Of course, I wear them anyway because they’re just going to be stained more, right?

So – this week? Skirts every day. I’ve even tried to wear blouses instead of faux-dressy cotton t-shirts. The cool part, though? Besides just feeling like I look nice for a change? Is that everyone has been really complimentary. Not a day has gone by that someone hasn’t said something about me looking “nice” with the “for a change…” being implied, of course. Even though I know this means nothing more than they all have noticed how crappy I’ve looked the last three months, I’m still going to feel flattered. As a matter of fact, I suggest that anyone who needs an ego boost? Go 12 weeks wearing nothing to stinky, stained, baggy clothes and then, out of the blue? Start wearing fitted, clean, dressy clothes. You’ll feel like a million bucks and you won’t have had to diet. Genius.

7 thoughts on “Who wants to bet that NikkiZ pukes on me today?”

  1. Your husband thinks you’re insane because he’s not a mother. I had the exact same reaction to House last night. I can’t watch that crap since I had kids, it just hits my motherbone.

  2. Oops sorry, I clicked through from the feed, apparently to the wrong post, but anyway, my comment stands.

  3. I heart hot moms.

    Also, it’s so true about the fitted clothes, for women of any size. Baggy clothes = depression and low self-confidence, in my experience, anyway.

  4. re: leakage – I feel utterly naked unless I wear those pad thingies. sigh. which always manage to show up through a t-shirt. double sigh.

    Here’s to dressing nicely even when you have a kid oozing from every orifice. Cheers!

  5. I used to wear a big old ugly sweatshirt over my work clothes until I dropped Princess off; it helped – even if it only minimized the damage to the nice stuff underneath (which was usually the case).

  6. You just jinxed it. Wearing nice clothing is a secret signal among babies to do nasty stuff. Wife can’t wear light colored fabric often. It’ s funny but she spills way more stuff on herself than Daniel. How about a photo on the site of the “new” faboulus you?


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